How To Win Fishland Temu

In the world of mobile gaming, winning free rewards is like discovering hidden treasure. If you’re an avid gamer looking to dive into a captivating underwater adventure, you’re in luck! Fishland, a delightful mini-game within the Temu app, offers a fantastic opportunity to unlock an array of enticing prizes without spending a dime. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your journey beneath the digital waves, this article is your ultimate guide to mastering Fishland and snagging those coveted freebies. Get ready to swim with the fishes and reel in the rewards – it’s time to make a splash in the world of Temu’s Fishland!

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Have you been hearing about all the free stuff people have been winning on Temu?  Have you read my previous Extra Cash reports showing the thousands of dollars in free stuff I’ve gotten from Temu?  Wondering how to do it?  Let me walk you through!

What is Temu?

Temu is an innovative online platform that connects consumers directly to a vast array of sellers, manufacturers, and brands from around the world. Founded in 2022 in Boston, Massachusetts, Temu has rapidly gained popularity for its unique approach to online shopping. It offers users the opportunity to shop for a wide range of products at competitive prices, often with exclusive discounts and deals. Additionally, Temu features engaging games and challenges that allow users to win free items, discounts, and credits, making the shopping experience both exciting and rewarding. With its user-friendly interface and commitment to transparency, Temu is reshaping the way people shop online, providing an accessible and enjoyable shopping destination for consumers of all interests and preferences.

Is Temu Legit?

Absolutely! I’ve been a happy Temu user since May 2023, and my experience has been nothing short of fantastic. I’ve not only ordered several excellent products but have also scored a bunch of freebies along the way. Even with Temu’s budget-friendly prices, every item I’ve ordered has arrived, and I couldn’t be more satisfied. And in the rare instance that something didn’t meet my expectations, the return and refund process was a breeze.  Read my review and breakdown of Temu here.

What is Fishland on Temu?

Fishland is a captivating game within the Temu mobile app, offering players an immersive and entertaining experience. Unlike many quick-play mobile games, Fishland is designed to be a multi-day adventure, providing gamers with an engaging storyline and challenges to overcome. What sets Fishland apart is the exciting promise of rewards awaiting those who successfully complete the game. Upon reaching the game’s conclusion, players are presented with the opportunity to select two prizes of their choice from a tantalizing array of options, making it a highly rewarding endeavor. Additionally, the game sweetens the deal by offering valuable coupons, further enhancing the appeal of this aquatic adventure.

How Do You Win Fishland on Temu?

In Fishland, your primary objective is to ensure the happiness of the aquatic inhabitants by feeding all the fish that appear throughout the game. As you diligently feed the fish, you’ll notice a status bar at the top of the screen gradually filling up. Your goal is to reach a 100% completion status on this bar, signaling that all the fish in your underwater world are content and well-fed. Once this milestone is achieved, you unlock the prizes that you initially selected at the beginning of your Fishland journey. But that’s not all! Fishland generously rewards your dedication with two valuable coupons – one offering a tempting $40 discount when you spend $100 and the other providing a convenient $30 savings on a $100 purchase. It’s essential to keep an eye on the expiration dates of these coupons, as they typically have a limited shelf life, ensuring you make the most of your hard-earned rewards before they swim away.

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How To Get Fish Food

Indeed, feeding those hungry fish in Fishland is the heart of the game, but acquiring fish food can be a bit of a puzzle in itself. The game’s mechanics require a well-thought-out approach to accumulate enough food to keep your underwater friends happy. Fortunately, with a well-established routine and some insider tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to amassing a healthy supply of fish food. So, let’s dive deeper into the strategies and secrets that will help you stack up on this essential resource and master the art of feeding your fish in Fishland.

Complete the “Get More” tasks

temu fishland daily to do list

Fishland makes it easy for you to track your progress and earn fish food rewards. Inside the game, under the “get more” icon, you’ll discover a convenient checklist of tasks waiting to be completed. Each task is accompanied by a clear indication of the amount of fish food you’ll receive once it’s successfully accomplished. What’s even more user-friendly is that Temu will automatically check off completed tasks as you go along, ensuring you stay on top of your goals and enjoy a seamless journey through the underwater world of Fishland. So, dive in, tackle those tasks, and watch your fish food stash grow as you conquer each challenge!

The Get More tasks include:
Invite 1 new app user 600g of food (unless a bonus for 700g pops up)

how much is a new user worth in temu fishland?

An exciting aspect of Fishland within the Temu app is its incredible referral program, which not only adds a social element to the game but also rewards users generously. When you invite a new user to join Temu, and they embark on their own aquatic adventure in Fishland, you’re in for a fantastic treat. Typically, you’ll receive a whopping 600g of fish food as a thank-you gesture for your referral. But here’s the exciting part – occasionally, a bonus may swim your way, granting you an even more substantial 700g of fish food! Beyond the immediate reward, there’s a subtle but significant advantage to referrals – they can actually accelerate the frequency at which your fish need to be fed. It’s a win-win situation: you get to share the joy of Temu with your friends and stack up on fish food while enjoying a quicker-paced Fishland experience. So, don’t hesitate to invite a friend into the world of Temu – it’s not only a friendly gesture but also a fantastic way to boost your fish-feeding adventures!

200g-800g fish food (0/2) (Shop)

Unlocking a treasure trove of fish food in Fishland can also be accomplished through smart shopping on the Temu app. Temu, primarily a shopping platform, encourages users to make purchases by offering enticing food rewards based on the value of your orders. Here’s how it works: when you place an order exceeding $20, you’ll be rewarded with a generous 100g of fish food. If your order surpasses $30, the reward doubles to 200g, and for orders exceeding $40, you’ll be swimming in a delightful 600g of fish food.

But here’s the catch: to maximize your rewards, you should patiently complete the “browse items for 45 seconds” task before making your purchase. After completing this task, your shopping reward will increase substantially. Now, orders over $20 will net you 200g, orders over $30 will grant you 400g, and orders exceeding $40 will shower you with a whopping 800g of fish food!

Here’s the icing on the cake – this offer refreshes every day, complete with a countdown timer. This means you don’t have to rush your shopping endeavors; in fact, spreading out your orders over multiple days is a strategic move to accumulate multiple 800g rewards in a single game session. Plus, the shopping bonus can be enjoyed twice each day, adding another layer of fish food goodness to your Fishland adventures. So, when it comes to shopping in Temu, patience and strategic timing can truly make a splash in your fish-feeding success!

Invite 1 friend (0/8)

how to get more friends for temu fishland

The very first thing on the daily checklist is inviting new users to the app – but Temu will even reward you with fish food for connecting with existing users!  Every day you can invite up to 8 people who already use Temu to join your game!  If they already have the app, but have never played Fishland, you will get 50g of food and if they have played Fishland before, you will get 10g of food.  This is a great way to collect more food for your fish!

Of course you  may be wondering how to get 8 different people to click your link each day (plus people can only join you once per game).  Of course you can invite friends and family who you know are also taking advantage of Temu’s great deals – but that will only get you so far.  The best way I have found for getting clicks is by joining click rotation groups on Facebook.  My favourite has a great group of moderators and simply has everyone take a turn exchanging links.  In this group, when someone is looking for a click, they refresh the page (this is important to ensure the last person to post gets their click) and then they type “clicking” in the comments, refresh the page again (to ensure no one else is clicking at the same time) and then click on the link.  This gives the person who previously posted their click.  After the click goes through (if it doesn’t work, an error message will appear), the clicker gets to post their link with a little note saying that they helped the person ahead of them.  If someone has multiple devices, then they just have to wait for 3 others to post before taking another turn.  Each account can give one click a day.  There are many different groups out there with thousands of members and various approaches to giving clicks, but this has been the best one I’ve found!

Extra Food (0/10)

daily bonuses on fishland temu For those who can spare some time throughout the day, the extra food bonus in Fishland offers a convenient and rewarding way to stock up on fish food. These bonus opportunities appear at varying intervals, each presenting you with a chance to gather more sustenance for your aquatic friends. The beauty of this feature is that you don’t need to dedicate a single continuous session to complete them all – you can simply dip in and out of the app, collecting food at your leisure. It’s a flexible and user-friendly way to ensure your fish are well-fed.

What’s more, the extra food bonus resets daily, meaning you get a fresh set of ten popups to tackle each day. This daily reset provides an excellent incentive to keep coming back and maximizing your fish food collection. So, whether you have a few minutes to spare or want to make the most of your breaks, these extra food bonuses are your ticket to ensuring your fish are always well-nourished in Fishland. Dive in and collect away!

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Reward for Share (0/5)

how to share temu fishland link with friends for bonus food

Temu’s generosity extends beyond in-game rewards, as they offer an easy way to earn bonus fish food simply by sharing your referral link. The process is wonderfully straightforward – you don’t need anyone to click on the link or sign up; all you have to do is share it! Clicking on the share button will present you with a range of sharing options linked to your account, including platforms like Facebook Messenger, SMS, and Email.

Each time you share your referral link, you’ll receive a delightful 10g of fish food. By sharing it five times a day, you can rack up a bonus of 50g of fish food daily! It’s a hassle-free and efficient way to bolster your fish food reserves, ensuring your underwater companions remain content and well-fed in Fishland.

Browse Items for 45s (0/2)

how to find cool stuff on temu

One of the most enjoyable tasks in Fishland is also one of the easiest – it rewards you for simply indulging in some retail therapy on the Temu app! This delightful activity involves browsing through the wide array of tempting items that Temu has to offer. What’s particularly intriguing is that the more you add to your cart, the more tailored the items that appear during your browsing sessions will be, ensuring a personalized shopping experience.

But here’s the kicker – you don’t need to keep a close eye on the clock while you explore the virtual aisles of Temu. The app has got you covered with a handy timer that counts down the minutes for you, ensuring you finish your browsing session in time to claim your well-deserved rewards. Each browsing session grants you a delightful 20g of fish food, making it a pleasurable and productive way to feed your fish in Fishland. Just remember, to earn points, you’ll need to wait at least 5 minutes between each browsing session (don’t worry, the button won’t become active until the 5 minutes has past!)

Mealtime Reward

Fishland in the Temu app offers a consistent and easily accessible source of fish food rewards for dedicated players. Each day presents you with three opportunities to earn a total of 90g of fish food, distributed in 30g increments. All you have to do is log into your Fishland game during the designated time slots: 7:00-9:00, 12:00-15:00, and 18:00-21:00.

What’s even more convenient is that if you happen to miss one of these feeding times, there’s no need to fret. As long as you sign into the game during the appropriate time slot, you can still collect the rewards for the remaining feedings. This flexibility ensures that you can easily incorporate Fishland into your daily routine, keeping your fish happy and well-fed without any added stress. So, mark those time slots on your calendar and watch your fish flourish as you enjoy the daily rewards!

Invite 4 users in total (0/4)

Temu kicks off your Fishland adventure with an extra dose of motivation! Within your initial 24 hours of playing, inviting four users – and they don’t necessarily have to be new users – earns you an impressive bonus of 200g of fish food. This generous incentive provides an exciting boost to your fish-feeding efforts, ensuring you start your Fishland journey with a substantial supply of food for your fishy friends. So, don’t hesitate to extend those invites and watch as your fish thrive with the extra nourishment!

To truly maximize your food supply and ensure your fish are well-fed in Fishland, it’s all about a strategic approach. Focus on completing the daily tasks and one-time bonuses found in the “Get More” icon. By diligently tackling these tasks and taking advantage of the various opportunities for rewards, you’ll amass a substantial stockpile of fish food, giving you the edge in the game. So, set your sights on those daily goals and bonuses, and watch your fish thrive as you embark on a rewarding journey in Fishland!

Food Jars

how to fill fish food jar in temu

The daily bonus jar in Fishland adds an extra layer of excitement and rewards to your gameplay. Each day, you have the opportunity to fill this special jar with fish food, which will be available for you to claim on the following day. In the initial days of the round, you can pack an impressive 150g of fish food into this bonus jar. As the round progresses, the jar’s capacity decreases to 60g, but the rewards are still well worth the effort.

After your first two feedings on a new day, a progress bar will appear above your fish food count, indicating how many additional clicks you need to complete in order to earn bonus food for your jar. This visual cue makes it easy to track your progress towards maximizing your rewards.

Making it a habit to fill your jar to the brim each day is a savvy strategy, as it ensures you’ll receive the maximum bonus food available.  Consistency in filling this jar can be a game-changer in Fishland!

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Sign in

easy ways to get fish food for fishland in temu

Claiming the sign-in bonus in Fishland is a straightforward and rewarding daily ritual. Upon entering the app, a quick click on the “sign in” icon is all it takes to receive your bonus – it’s that simple! This bonus refreshes every 7 days, offering an enticing incentive to return to the game regularly.

The progression of bonuses over the week adds an element of anticipation and excitement. On the first day, you’ll receive a respectable 10g, followed by a bump up to 15g on the second day. The third day brings a significant leap to 37g, followed by 25g on the fourth day. As the week progresses, the bonuses continue to grow, with 42g on the fifth day, 30g on the sixth, and a whopping 100g on the seventh day. This escalating scale of rewards is designed to keep you engaged and motivated to return daily. So, make it a habit to sign in and claim your bonus, and watch as your fish feast on the plentiful nourishment!

Fish Reward

temu fishland fish food hacks

Navigating the feeding tasks in Fishland requires a strategic approach to maximize your rewards. At any given time, you’ll find four fish swimming across the screen (except in the final stages where they all leave until none are left). Once a fish is fully fed to 100%, a simple click will collect it, making room for a new fish to take its place.

Each day, you’ll receive five feeding tasks that offer bonus food for collecting fish. The amount you receive varies based on the game you end up with, but typically the first four tasks are straightforward: collect one fish for each, rewarding you with 10g of food for each successful collection. The fifth task challenges you to collect two fish and generously rewards you with 20g of food.

As the game progresses, the fish require more time and effort to feed. To optimize your strategy, consider collecting one fish at a time and leaving the others ready for collection until needed. This approach provides you with additional fish for bonuses, which becomes particularly beneficial when a single fish takes several days to fully feed. By adopting this methodical feeding strategy, you’ll stay ahead of the game and ensure your fish are well-nourished in Fishland!


bonus fishfood in temu fishland

Who doesn’t love the allure of a grand treasure chest? Keep a keen eye on the bottom of your screen in Fishland for the unmistakable appearance of a gold and red treasure chest. Clicking on it will set a 24-hour timer into motion, presenting you with a unique challenge: invite a specified number of users to the game. Here’s the exciting part – these users don’t necessarily have to be new; existing accounts count just as well. Keep in mind, however, that each account is limited to one click per day. Once you’ve successfully garnered the required number of clicks, your reward awaits you in the form of the treasure!

The first treasure chest holds a tantalizing 250g of food and demands three clicks to unlock its bounty. The first click bestows 10 shells, followed by 5 shells on the second click, and an additional 5 shells on the third.

The second chest is an even grander prize, offering a sumptuous 400g of food, but it requires five clicks to claim. Clicking for the first time awards you a remarkable 40 shells, followed by 20 shells on the second click, 5 shells on the third, 3 shells on the fourth, and 2 shells on the fifth.

Prepare yourself for the ultimate challenge with the third chest, containing a lavish 600g of food. This chest commands a total of eight clicks to unlock its riches. The first click grants an impressive 70 shells, followed by 30 shells on the second click, 20 shells on the third, 10 shells on the fourth, 5 shells on the fifth, 3 shells on the sixth, and 1 shell each on the seventh and eighth.

Once you’ve completed all three chests or the timer runs out, keep a lookout for a new 250g chest, which will make its appearance at a random time and cycle through the three again.

To make the most of this treasure trove, consider strategic timing for opening your chests, allowing ample time for coordinating clicks in Facebook groups. Remember, the chest won’t open until you click on it, so feel free to choose a time that suits you best. The only exception to this rule is if your fish food stock runs down to zero. In such a case, an unopened chest will automatically unlock and start the timer. So, embrace the challenge and relish in the rewards that await within these coveted chests!

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how to get friends for fishland temu

At Temu, fostering friendships and growing your network within the app is a cornerstone of the experience. It’s not only about inviting others to join you in the game, but also about celebrating the daily interactions of your friends. Each day, you have the delightful opportunity to earn 6g of food for the first four friends who log in, followed by an additional 5g of food for the next six who make their daily visit. This means you could amass a generous 54g of food just for having up to ten friends sign on!

Claiming these bonuses is a breeze. Simply head to the “friends” icon, and any eligible friends will have a little bag icon beside their name. Click on it to collect your well-deserved rewards. Consistently checking in with your friends and reaping these bonuses is a fantastic way to stock up on food for your fish. So, make it a daily habit and collect your fish faster!


how much are fish food plants worth in harvest on fishland temu?

Temu employs a clever strategy to keep you engaged throughout the day by introducing plants that yield valuable fish food when harvested. With a total of six plants to unlock, you have the opportunity to harvest them up to 20 times daily. Each plant offers unique bonuses, contributing to your fish food reserves.

The golden plant, a coveted find, bestows a bonus of 6-13g every 8 hours. The silver plant, another valuable asset, provides a bonus of 3-9g every 3 hours. Meanwhile, the four regular plants offer a bonus of 1g-3g every 2 minutes, with a potential for higher rewards if left undisturbed for extended periods.

Since the plants can only be harvested up to 20 times per day, it’s wise to approach this strategically. Aim to prioritize the golden and silver plants to maximize their higher-value bonuses, ultimately leading to a more substantial haul of fish food. By carefully managing your harvesting efforts, you can ensure a bountiful supply of food for your aquatic companions in Fishland. Happy harvesting!


how to win more ranking competition in fishland temu

Temu spices up the Fishland experience with an ongoing ranking competition that spans four exhilarating days. This competition is designed to spur more participation and feedings among players, adding an extra layer of excitement to the game. To enter, simply click on the golden trophy icon located at the water’s edge on the left-hand side of the screen. Once you’re in, you’ll find yourself in friendly competition with six other enthusiastic players, all vying for the title of top feeder!

Stay in the loop with regular updates as the rankings refresh every 10 minutes. This real-time feedback provides a clear picture of where you stand in the chart and adds an element of suspense to the competition. When the competition concludes, the player with the highest number of feedings emerges as the champion, walking away with a hefty reward of 300g of food. Second place earns a respectable 200g, and third place secures a satisfying 100g.

To claim your hard-earned winnings, simply click on the “claim” button that appears over the trophy at the end of the competition. It’s a simple step to ensure you receive the fruits of your labour.

Here’s a handy tip: in the event of a tie, the tied participants will all receive the same amount of food. So, if multiple players have fed the same number of times, they’ll all be recognized as winners and receive a 300g prize. It’s a fair and inclusive approach that celebrates shared success in the competition. So, gear up, join the rankings, and feed those fish to vie for the top spot in Fishland’s thrilling competition!


Fishland in the Temu app isn’t just about long-term competitions; it also keeps the excitement going with daily head-to-head matches. These matches pit you against another player in a 30-minute showdown to determine who can feed the most fish in that time frame. It’s a thrilling test of your fish-feeding skills and speed.

During the match, Temu diligently tallies the number of fish you and your opponent feed. IIf there is a significant difference in the feeding amounts, the player who manages to feed the most fish emerges victorious, earning a substantial reward of 27g of food. The runner-up still receives a consolation prize of 3g of food. If the final feeding numbers are close together, a different division of the 30g prize pool will be distributed.  However, if the match ends in a tie, both players share the spoils, each receiving 15g of food from the 30g prize pool.

This daily head-to-head challenge adds an element of competitiveness and unpredictability to your Fishland experience. The best part is that you can engage in this match once a day, and it will pop up randomly throughout the day until you decide to participate. So, be on the lookout for these exciting showdowns and put your fish-feeding prowess to the test!

Ready to Play?

In conclusion, while Temu’s Fishland offers various methods to collect food, completing a game can still be a time-consuming endeavor. Personally, I’ve discovered that placing orders and inviting new app users can significantly expedite the process of feeding your fish and achieving victory. Keep in mind that everyone’s journey will differ, and the totals and requirements may also vary depending on game variations.

Are you eager to embark on your Fishland adventure in Temu and seize the opportunity to claim fantastic prizes tailored to your preferences? Don’t hesitate to dive in and begin your journey!

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