How We Made an Extra $8892.19 in 2014


A big part of being able to be a stay at home mom (working or otherwise) is to bring in some extra cash.  I do believe in living a frugal lifestyle, but certainly find extra money helpful in making life more comfortable.  This year we were able to bring in $7969.34 on top of our regular income, plus saved $922.85 in coupons!  That extra $8892.19 certainly helped me be able to not return to my high paying/high stressful job and work for less from home.
Here’s the breakdown of how we did it:$922.85 – Coupons
$10 – Rewards
$300 – Airmiles Cashback
$56.50 – Checkout 51
$155 – Swagbucks
$130.87 – Ebates
$29.5 – Snapsaves
$100 –Ipsos Surveys
$20 – Ledger Surveys
$50 – Tangerine Signup (use orange code:41341719S1 to get $50 for opening an account!)
$175.54 – MLM programs
$20 – Cartsmart
$5 – Rogers alerts
$5 – Purell Loyalty Program
$300.43 – MBNA cashback
$20 – Stouffers Rewards
$116.90 – Mail in Rebates
$75.92 – Kijiji Sales
$294.70 – Garage Sales
$36.08 – Pc Points
$2284.05 – Gifts
$1952.68 – Tax Return
$420 – Shoppers Optimum Program
$50 – Shopping Channel Promo (expired)
$6.40 – Canadian Tire Money
$5 – blogging
$10 –Pampers Gifts to Grow
$40 – Club Sobeys
$10 – Sobeys Grand Reopening Gift Card promo (expired)
$1100 – Universal Childcare Benefit
$60 – Target Giftcard promos
$79.77 – Target Redcard (this was actually significantly higher, but I stopped tracking in May, as I kept forgetting and tossing receipts
$16 – Bell Repayment from cancelling plan
$9 – Lotto winsAfter all is said and done, I have to say that I am super impressed by Iposis surveys and swagbucks – both have rewarded me well this year (I have enough points in both accounts to make further redemptions, however, at this time am letting them accumulate as I do not need them). 

I also really didn’t realize just how much Airmiles and my MBNA cashback card give me!  That’s over $600 between the two!  The Airmiles points all come from our American Express card.So my goal for the year was to make an extra $12000, working out to an average $1000 a month – I came close, and in 2015, I’m going to work hard to achieve my $12000 goal!


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