January 2015 Goal Recap

January Goal Recap:

This month I was horribly ill again with a brutal cold that’s lasted over 6 weeks now. This has really knocked me off my game and slowed me down. I’m hoping this month I get over it and can be somewhat functional again. Still, the month wasn’t a total bust, as I did accomplish something.

1. Maintain or lose weight – Unsuccessful – This month I gained 5 pounds, which is okay for my 4th month of pregnancy, but still not ideal.

2. Make $1000 on top of regular income – Unsuccessful – This month I made an extra $259.60, 25% of my $1000 goal.

3. Pay off remaining debt – Unsuccessful – This month we paid off half of our consumer debt, and we should have the remainder paid off in February.

4. Post 5 days a week – Success – Sickness aside, between my 2 blogs, I posted 5 days each week.

5. Create and stick to a budget – Success – Done!

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