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January-June 2022 Extra Cash

Did you know there’s many ways to make extra money in Canada?  Add on the money you can save using coupons and apps, and you can end up with thicker wallet each and every month!  Here’s how a stay-at-home Canadian mom ended up with over $13,000  of extra money in the first half of 2022!

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Disclosure: Please note that some of the links in this post are affiliate links.  Please read my affiliate disclosure here.

This year has been a whirl wind!  Time seems to be flying by, prices keep going up and just getting through the day seems to be harder and harder.  I was only going to post a year end extra cash update, however, with inflation going through the roof and the need for money making and saving opportunities for Canadians is becoming more poignant, I decided to do a half-way check in and then aim to update monthly for the rest of the year.

I’m not going to lie.  I never seem to have enough time or energy for anything these days.  Nevertheless, halfway through the year, I’ve ended up with $13,352.75 in extra money!  Here’s how:

$8860.71 – Newspaper Delivery
$987.80 – Coupon Redemptions
$325 – Swagbucks
$115.50 – Lottery Wins
$111 – Contest Win (Follow on Royal Draw for contests)
$109.49 – Restaurant Apps
$103.44 – Blogging
$100 – Drop
$80 – Airmiles
$75 – Focus Group (Follow on Facebook for focus group announcements)
$72.92 – Coinout (USD) – Canadian program paused for new members
$72.67 – TimeBucks (USD)
$67.57 – CAA Discounts
$60.89 – Costco Executive Membership
$53.51 – Uber Eats
$51.86 – Class Action Lawsuits (Follow on Royal Draw for class action suits)
$50 – Cubeit Costco bonus (tell them Elena Fernandez sent you!)
$44.71 – Plum Points
$36.63 – Ampli
$25.32 – Flash Food
$20.20 – Caddle
$20 – SBKC
$20 – Leo
$16.17 – Rakuten
$15 – Receipt Hog (use promo code breg8800 when signing up)
$26.22 – Avon
$10 – Scene Points
$4.98 – Door Dash
Plus (in addition to the cheque for $111USD) I won a box of Jo Louis from Vachon Market, 450 Hideout Points, 10 Starbucks Stars, a Circle K Froster, Coco Cola Coffee and a can of Arizon Ice Tea!

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