January Side Hustle Results


One of my goals for this year is to bring in an extra $1000 a month, on top of our regular income. While I posted this goal and my failure to met it in January, I didn’t actually post how I brought in the $426.91 that I did. So I figured, it’d be pretty helpful if I actually noted where the money came from.

So in January:
$100 from Airmiles cash redemption
$10 from a shop.ca promo code
$15 from Kelloggs Mastercard promos (over)
$4.71 left over on a prepaid Visa I got for Xmas
$100 in gifts
$20 Sobeys giftcards from Stouffers Rewards
$32.04 from online ventures
$100 government’s child tax benefit
$26.75 from Checkout51
$4.51 finish mail in rebate (0ver)
$13.9 with Target debit card (perhaps this would be better suited under coupons, but I figure it’s essentially cash in hand)

I also redeemed $233.74 in coupons, which is above and beyond the $426.91 of money in my pocket!

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