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Making Baby More Affordable

baby saving guide for canadians

Affording a child is one of the biggest factors many take into consideration when starting a family.  Estimates for the cost of raising a child in Canada (until age 18) vary from $67,000 to $240,000, which is understandable as cost of living varies throughout the country, as does each individual family’s circumstance (check out The Measure of a Plan’s cost of raising a child calculator here to determine a realistic expectation for your family).

Regardless of the which end of the range you fall, raising a child is costly.  Even with the help of the Canada Child Benefit, extra money and savings will go a long way in making it possible to afford a baby.

Fortunately, there are many ways to help you save and financially manage the new expenses that come along with parenthood.

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Here are 11 ways you can reduce the costs of being a new parent:

Baby Shows

how to get free baby stuff

These pop up all over the place, and are a great way to learn about products, get exclusive discounts, receive money saving coupons and get lots, and lots, of free stuff! I absolutely love the baby shows and the big bag of goodies that find their way into my car afterwards. Note that you will be approached by vendors and when you sign up for their promotions or to enter contests, you will often be giving them permission to contact you, so be sure to navigate your comfort level in that regard.

Facebook Mom Groups

I’m a huge fan of the Facebook Mom Buy and Sell groups!  You join just like any other Facebook group (search your city followed by the word ‘mom’ tp find one in your area) and once you’re a member, you will be privy to a local and convenient garage sale.  Simply scroll through the group’s news feed and you’ll find lots of items (sometimes new, sometimes used) that are geared for moms and their kids.

Kijiji is certainly another option, but the nice thing about the Facebook groups is that there’s anonymity (items are attached to people’s Facebook pages) so there’s less likely to be scams or deceptions, and you can reconnect with the person if you need to again in the future.  Check out this blog post comparing Kijiji and Facebook for buying and selling.   I’ve saved and earned hundreds of dollars with the Facebook Mom group in my area.

Shop Sales

save money on baby supplies with sales

Don’t like second hand items? That’s okay (I was the same way with my first), then watch out for store sales, which come up weekly and frequently. Also watch for end of season clearances where you can get great items (especially clothing) for a fraction of their normal price!

Use Store Reward Programs

Take advantage of reward programs and use your earnings towards your baby needs. I am always getting stuff for free from Amazon thanks to Swagbucks and Treasure Trooper, and more often than not, those items are free baby clothes, supplies and toys (and of course the occasional splurge for myself!)

Watch out for store reward programs too. If you’re already shopping somewhere, you might as well earn some points for future savings, which can be used on your baby items .  Always keep your PC Optimum, Airmiles, Aeroplan, Scene Rewards and any other store specific reward program cards you have, handy.

Join Company Reward Programs

Also sign up for Pampers Gift to Grow and Huggies Enjoy the Ride. Both programs allow you to enter pin codes that you get from product packaging, or that are released from the company (be sure to check back to moneysavvyme for codes when they are released), which can then be redeemed for all kinds of rewards including free diapers, toys, books, and gift cards!

Become a PC Insider

The PC Insiders program is by far the best shopping rewards program for parents!  Many PC branded grocery stores now have grocery pickup up.  As a parent with young children, I cannot understate how much I love the grocery pick up, especially in the winter.  Lugging kids in and out of car seats and buckling and unbuckling seat belts takes forever.  Add the cold, and the convenience of simply pulling up and having someone load your pre-shopped groceries is simply amazing.  There is normally a $3 fee per pick up for this service, but PC Insider members get this luxury absolutely free!  On top of that, PC Insiders also get 20% back in PC Optimum points on all baby diapers and formula (among other great products).  There are also other benefits such as a $99 travel credit, a free gift and exclusive offers just for Insiders.It is a $99 annual fee (or $9.99 monthly fee) to become a PC Insider, but there is often promo codes for half price memberships.  Even at $99 for the year, the savings for parents can easily pay off the fee.
The annual fee is $99, but when you sign up through this link using code EF1438, you can save 25% off the PC Insiders annual fee.

Use Coupons

using coupons to save on baby supplies

Sure, saving $2 off a pack of diapers may not seem that amazing, but when you save $2 off the ten packs you’ll use in the first couple of months, that’s an extra $20 in your pocket!  Then combine that with savings you can get using cashback apps (see next point), and you’ll be smiling!  Not sure where to get coupons?  Check out the ultimate guide to using coupons in Canada here!

Upload Your Receipts for Cashback

 Between the four apps I use (Checkout51, Caddle, Receipt Hog and Coin Out) there’s always at least one rebate for a baby item of some sort. Plus, Receipt Hog and Coin Out credit you just for your receipt, no matter what you’ve bought!  When combined with sales, coupons and store rewards, cashback apps make for a nice bonus!

Use Cashback Sites when Shopping Online

When shopping online, I always go through a cashback site first. I always choose between Swagbucks and Ebates, based on whichever is giving the better cashback deal. Just be sure to watch for double cashback events, where the site hosting it will offer a higher cashback percentage, making it the better choice. If you’re going to buy something online, why not save get something back for it?

Connect Your Card for Automatic Savings

The Ampli app is a great tool to increase your savings at a number of awesome retailers!  Simply connect your preferred payment card to the account, and when you shop at one of their many partner stores, you’ll get a bonus added to your account!  There are no receipts to take pictures of, no buttons to click and no real effort!  Learn more about Ampli here.

Use Discount Gift Cards when Shopping

If you check out Ebay, Kijiji or your local Facebook Buy & Sell group, you’re bound to find gift cards being sold at lower than face value.  This is a great way to get an automatic discount on your purchases!  There are also sites like My GIftcards Plus (through Swagbucks), Ebates GiftCards and Cardswap, where you buy gift cards at face value, but then earn points to redeem or cash back on your gift card purchase!

Look for Samples at Doctor and Midwife Offices

baby samples at doctor office

When at your prenatal appointments, don’t be shy about asking if they have any samples or coupons that you can have. I’ve been with 2 different midwife clinics and both have had free samples and coupons for vitamin D drops and Iron supplements in the exam rooms for patient benefit. Why pay for something if you can get it for free?

Round Up and Invest Your Spare Change

Children are expensive.  Taking time off work is expensive.  So having some savings in place is a great way to alleviate some of the financial pressures when having a baby.  Of course, finding extra money to put away can be a challenge for even the most thrifty at times.  That’s why I love the Moka app.  You simply link your card and then each week Moka rounds up all of the purchases you’ve made to the nearest dollar and invests the total!  It’s totally automated, so you don’t even have to think about it.  Plus, with super low fees, your savings can better add up!  Learn more about Moka here.

Get Company Samples, Freebies, Promos, and Rewards

diaper deals canada

Again, why pay for something when you can get it free?  Many companies give out coupons and samples to expecting and new parents to gain new customers!  Here’s a list of companies that will give free baby samples and coupons to Canadians: Baby Registry

There are some great bonuses when you create an Baby Registry!  Prime members get a free gift once $25 from the registry has been bought and 15% off eligible baby items (non Prime members get 10%)!  Create your Baby Registry here.

Babies R Us

When you sign up for their baby registry you will receive a gift bag with samples and coupons (if you register online you will need to go into your nearest store to get the gift bag).  Register here or in store.

Walmart Baby Registry

Walmart has just added a baby registry bonus to their company and it is awesome!  Having just had another baby, I was able to get one and I gotta say I was impressed.  To get this Baby Box, simply create a baby registry on and they’ll send it your way!

Check out what I got in the Walmart Baby Registry Box here:


Create your baby registry here!

Mom Resource

Signing up with the Mom Resource makes you eligible to receive tons of coupons, samples and offers – just be wary that they do sell your information and you can expect to be contacted by various companies offering their services. Join Here

Enfamil Enfagrow

Enfamil Enfagrow will send you a free sample of a toddler nutritional drink and then periodically send out coupons. Join Here

Enfamil Family Beginings

When you sign up for the Enfamil Family Beginings Club, you will receive up to $125 in coupons, samples and special offers.  Join Here

Heinz Baby Club

You will receive electronic and mail newsletters, samples and coupons. Join Here

Nestle Baby Club

Nestle sends out a great starter pack with a backpack diaper bag, change pad, bottle, formula samples and coupons. Join Here

Potty Training Concepts

Going to their Resource page, you will find lots of free potty training resources to help the whole process go smoother (including charts, videos, tips, advice, and certificates).  Get them Here

Similac Baby Club

Sign up to receive samples, coupons and peroidic cheques (work like coupons). Join Here

Sobeys Baby Be Healthy

You can join the Sobeys Baby Be Healthy program online or or in store.  When you join online, you get a newsletter and recommended links.  When you sign up in store, you will receive free prenatal vitamins for the duration of your pregnancy, along with a plethora of information and access to a pharmacist.  Learn about the Sobeys Baby Be Healthy program here.

London Drugs Baby Welcome Pack

If you have a London Drugs nearby, be sure to sign up for their Baby Welcome Pack!  When you sign up, you will receive a box of goodies that could include diapers, wipes, bum cream, and baby washes.  You can also choose from a variety of newsletters with special information and exclusive offers!  Sign up for the London Drugs Baby Welcome Pack here.

Thyme Maternity Bump Benefits

With pregnancy comes new clothes!  Thyme Maternity is one of the most popular maternity clothing companies in Canada and currently offer bonuses for those who sign up for their Bump Benefits membership.  When you join you get a welcome gift worth over $150 that includes items such as Pampers Newborn Diapers, Advent bottles, and Toys R Us, RW&Co and Thyme Maternity coupons, among other specials and coupons.  Then, with each dollar that you spend, you earn points that can be redeemed for more perks later on!  Learn more about this great program and sign up here.

MAM Club

Each pregnancy, I have been absolutely addicted to pregnancy calendars and baby development calendars.  When you join the MAM Club, one of the benefits is great pregnancy and baby development calendars sent to your email each month.  On top of that, members also get special offers, contests and opportunities to try new MAM products before the hit the shelves.  Join the MAM Club here.

Huggies No Baby Unhugged

Sign up for the No Baby Unhugged program and Huggies will send you a free pack of newborn size diapers!  You can later redeem your Huggies points for more diapers (among other great rewards!)  Get your free pack of Huggies Newborn Diapers here!

Honest Company Trial

Head over to the Honest Company’s site and you will get a chance to try out their diapers and wipes for free (just pay $5.95 in shipping and handling)!  In their free trial offer, you get 5 diapers and 10 wipes.  This is a trial offer that will turn into a subscription service if you do not cancel.  So if you don’t want to continue with the Honest Company, be sure to cancel before you get charged!  Sign up for the trial here.

Family One

This program is geared to families and focuses its samples and contests based on your family’s demographics and interests.  Totally free to join, Family One connects you with brands that carry products that fit your family.  Through samples and contests, you can get lots of great products and freebies that you will actually use!  Join Family One here.

Moms Meet

When you join Moms Meet as a Mom Ambassador, you get the chance to learn about and try many great products.  This program is for moms who are active in their local group of moms, who can host other moms (and their kids) to sample various products.  The Mom Ambassadors then share the group’s feedback with Moms Meet who passes it back to the sample company.  Mom Ambassadors not only get to sample great products, but they also get thank you gifts and points that can be redeemed for awesome rewards for hosting the groups.  Learn more about Moms Meet and apply to be a Mom Ambassador here.

Baby Box

The European idea of the baby box made it’s way to Canada and with it, came informative resources and useful products for new parents.  The purpose of this program is to better prepare parents and as such, there are a few steps to take before claiming your box.  The first thing you need to do is take an online course that includes a series of short videos from experts in prenatal, infant and childcare.  You then need to demonstrate your knowledge from the courses in a short quiz.  You can re watch videos to help you out and attempt the quizzes as many times as you’d like.  After you complete the quiz, you will receive a reward that is relevant to your child’s life stage.  It may be a baby box for newborns, or safety and care products, or even coupons!  You can pick up your reward for free, or have it shipped, though shipping charges may apply.  Start the process to get your Baby Box here!

*Even if you breastfeed and don’t use your formula samples, you can still put them to good use by donating them to your local woman’s shelter or food bank*

How do you save money on baby expenses?

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