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Treasure Trooper – The Ultimate Guide

Looking for a site like Swagbucks?  Check out Treasure Trooper, a get paid to community that is interactive and fun! review

I joined Treasure Trooper back in 2015 and have been an active member ever since.  There are so many different ways to earn money, which has added some nice bonuses to my extra cash each month.

Not only are there many money-making opportunities on Treasure Trooper, but there’s also a wonderful, interactive community where I have met some really wonderful people over the years.

With all of the different ways to earn extra money on Treasure Trooper, it can be a bit overwhelming when you first get started.  That’s why I’ve written up this handy guide to walk you through the site and break down its features, helping you earn more money on Treasure Trooper!

Getting Started

Signing up with Treasure Trooper is super easy and when you use this link, you will get a bonus $5 added to your account, a dragon egg and a nest, to get you started on my favourite part of the site!

Simply click on the link, and follow the steps to get started.

After you register, you will notice many pop ups as you explore the site.  Pay attention to them as they are pointers on how to navigate each area and often include special bonuses and rewards!

*Make sure you sign up here to get a $5 bonus added to your account*

Check out this video walk through on getting started with Treasure Trooper:

What Are the Different Currencies in Treasure Trooper worth?

To begin with, it’s important to look at all the different currencies available to earn in Treasure Trooper.

There are 6 different currencies that tasks are rewarded with, each offer different benefits and earning possibilities.

Check out this video that will walk you through the various currencies and their value:


Obviously, what everyone’s looking for!  Every offer will state the cash amount it is worth and any other bonuses that are earned with it as well.

Each month between the 15th and the 20th, a cheque or PayPal deposit is made to all members who earned $20 or more in the month prior.  For members with verified PayPal accounts in the US, an instant pay redemption is possible, allowing them to cash out as soon as they earn $20.

Platinum Coins

There are a number of places on the site where Platinum Coins can be earned, including converting arrowheads.  Platinum Coins can be redeemed in the Currency Converter for 2 pearls, or in the Trading Hut for gift cards or electronics.


Arrowheads can be found all over the site, but a good place to start looking is in the Arrowhead Digsites and to watch for them while you’re in the chatroom and completing searches.

Arrowheads are pretty helpful for those playing with dragons and for those saving up Platinum Coins.  In the Currency Converter, you can exchange 20 Arrowheads for a Scale for your dragons and 100 Arrowheads for 1 Platinum Coin to be redeemed for many great rewards.

Since Arrowheads are typically easy to find, it’s a nice way to help bump up your earnings!


what are scales used for in Treasure Trooper?

If you want to earn with dragons (and you’ll want to, they are so much fun!), you are going to need some scales!

You can earn 2 scales once a day by actively participating in the chatroom for an arrow.  While you’re in there, be sure to watch for prizes popping up and both hourly and special contests.

Scales can also be awarded as bonuses for team completions, contest rewards and as payment in some cash offers.

It is also possible to pull scales from adult dragons, but you can only get 9 per dragon before your beast will end up in the medical station.  Read further down for more in-depth information about dragons!

When you’re ready to get started with dragons, head over to Cogg’s Coop (under the Redeem tab) to get all your lair needs.  There you can exchange your scales for dragon eggs, food, hatching and training equipment and lair upgrades.

If you’re going to get paid to play with dragons, you’re going to need a lot of scales!


what are pearls for in treasure trooper?

These can be earned in a variety of ways, and can be redeemed for friendship bracelets in the Trading Hut.  Each bracelet (worth 8 pearls) gives you 2 unassigned referrals, wo are people who sign up through Treasure Trooper directly, not referred by another member.  Remember, your referral earnings start at 20% and offer more benefits as you refer more people.  A great way to add to your monthly earnings!

Pearls can also be exchanged in the Currency Exchanger for Gold Coins to be used in the Treasure Hunt, slot machine and for other prizes in Matubu’s Hut.

Gold Coins

how to earn gold coins in treasure trooper

Earned through a variety of activities on the site, Gold Coins are an important part of the game, especially for those completing the Treasure Hunt.

Take your Gold Coins to the Trading Hut to redeem them for pieces of the Treasure Map and Treasure Journal to get started on the $100 Treasure Hunt.

You will also need 15 gold coins to get a ruby, and 15 to hear Mabutu’s secret.

Want to advertise this great program?  20 Gold Coins will get you a bumper sticker, to decorate your car.

You will also need Gold Coins for each spin of the slot machine.  You can spin once daily, until you complete the $100 Treasure Hunt and unlock the daily limit.

Clearly, all the different currencies reflect all of the different ways to earn.  Quite often, offers will credit with more than one currency, giving you even more ways to reward yourself!

So how do you earn all these different currencies and reward yourself?  In so many ways with Treasure Trooper!  Check out all the ways to earn:

How To Earn on Treasure Trooper

Now that you’ve had a look at all the awesome things you can earn on Treasure Trooper, here’s how you can actually earn them!

The $100 Scavenger Hunt

Treasure Trooper Treasure Map

I’m still working on this and it is a super hush-hush part of the site, however, it’s another fun way to earn a sweet $100 bonus.

You will need to collect all four pieces of the Treasure Map (each piece is worth 10 gold coins in the Trading Hut) to go on the Treasure Hunt.  You can also pick up Treasure Journal pieces (each piece is costs 10 gold coins in the Trading Hut) to help you on your way.

The Treasure Hunt consists of various tasks, and guides you along the way.  Once you complete it, you will get a $100 prize AND unlock the 1 spin a day limit on the slot game.

The Slot Game

Get paid to play slots

This is a nice little bonus feature, found under the “Play” tab on your home screen.  Each day, you can play the slot machine and possibly win a prize.  Each spin costs 1 gold coin, but if you go to the Treasure Trooper Facebook App page, you will get 1 free spin as well.  Once you complete the Treasure Hunt, the 1 spin limit is lifted – giving you even more chances to win!

The Monthly Contest

Each month a different contest runs, with different ways to win more money!  Some contests are competitions with other members, and some are contests with yourself.  Each month is different, and a great way to add some bonus money, on top of your regular earnings.

Cryptic Treasure Codes

treasure trooper cryptic treasure

Treasure Trooper randomly doles out Cryptic Treasure codes, worth various amounts and in the various Treasure Trooper currencies.  These codes can be found on Facebook, on Twitter, in the forums, in the chatroom and the bimonthly newsletter.  Be on the lookout to win!

Cash Offers

This is usually one of the best places to start when it comes to earning.  When you click on the Cash Offers page, you will be directed to a list of offers available to you.  Some are surveys, some are paid to sign-up, some are paid-to-click, some are paid-to-buy and so on.  Each time you complete an offer, click on the big green ‘done’ button beside it.  This will take you to the pearl game, where you try and find the pearl hidden in one of 3 oysters.  If you guess correctly, you get a pearl; if not, no biggie, you still get paid!  If you are in the chatroom when the offer credits (usually shortly after completion), you will get a second chance at the pearl game.  A link will pop up in chance and all you have to do is click it and try and guess where the pearl is again.  A nice little chatty bonus!

Daily Surveys (under Cash Surveys)

This is by far my best non-dragon earning part of the site.  In Canada, we have the chance to complete 7 different surveys (if you’re in the USA, you’ll get a choice of 8).  Each survey shows the amount it will pay out under the survey button.  Once you complete the survey, you will be awarded the cash amount (each survey credits on a different time delay) and a certain number of scales based on the number of consecutive days you’ve completed that survey (called the ‘Chain Bonus’).

Chain Bonus amounts (on top of the cash amount the survey is worth):

Days 1&2 – 1 scale/day

Days 3-9 – 2 scales/day

Days 10-19 – 3 scales/day

Days 20 – 29 – 4 scales/day

Day 30 and onward – 5 scales/day

Once you get as addicted to dragons as I am, you will be working on your Daily Surveys daily!

Survey Seekers (under Cash Surveys)

How to get surveys in Treasure Troopers

If you love doing surveys, another great place to look is at the Survey Seekers on the Cash Surveys tab (just above the Daily Surveys).

Throughout the day, various surveys will become available in the Seeker section, giving you more chances to earn money.  Each survey has a different length and is worth a different amount, and will tell you on the button you click to complete it.

When you complete a Seeker, you get the chance to be generous to your fellow Troopers.  If you are in the chatroom when the Seeker credits (usually seconds after completion), a message will appear giving your fellow Troopers a chance to congratulate you, with a certain message.  If they correctly type the message, they will be rewarded with a scale.

This of course also works for you if you’re in the chatroom when someone else’s Seeker credits.  A great way to connect and earn with the community as a whole!

Study Storms (under Cash Surveys)

Even more surveys can be found in the Study Storms section!  Just like all the other survey spots, each one has its own duration and reward value.  One of the nice things about the storm page, is that it also shows how many people have completed each survey – giving you an idea of the likeliness of qualifying for it.

Cash Search

Search on Treasure Trooper

Pretty much all the big paid-for-action sites have a search feature for their members to earn bonuses on and Treasure Trooper is just the same!  Each search gives you the chance to win arrowheads.  The amount is randomly generated and I’ve won anywhere from 1 to 15 so far!

On top of the individual wins, Treasure Trooper sweetens the deal by offering a team goal.  Each day a goal number of searches is set.  If the collective group of members reaches that goal, each person who contributed 10 searches, gets a free pearl and a free scale.  Only the first 10 searches you make count towards the goal and you must complete 10 to be eligible for the bonus.  Most days the bar fills and many people get a great bonus!

Cash Videos

Get paid to watch videos

At the moment there are three different cash video walls.  Theatre one is currently unavailable to Canadians, but we can watch the videos in theatre 2 and 3.  These are a little time consuming and require some babysitting, but nevertheless, helpful in boosting arrowhead earnings.

Treasure Trooper also sweetens the pot each day but offering a theatre team goal.  Each day a number of watches is set for one of the theatres.  If the goal is met, each person who contributed at least 10 video collections earns a pearl.  Additionally, the top 5 video contributors earn a gold coin and a dragon scale.

Arrowhead Digsites

How to earn arrowheads on Treasure Trooper

There are 8 different digsites, each with different offers for you to earn arrowheads on.  Each offer in the digsites payout in arrowheads, which can be exchanged for dragon scales or platinum coins.  These digsites are the same offer walls that can be found on other sites that you may use.  Though, the payments may differ.

Be sure to check each digsite regularly, as new offers and surveys are released all the time!

Also watch for the daily Digsite bonus!  Each day a number of completions for one of the digsites is set as a team goal.  Once the goal thermometer is filled, all members who contributed at least 20 arrowheads will be rewarded one free pearl and one free gold coin.


Get paid for referrals on Treasure Trooper

Just like most other sites, Treasure Trooper rewards you for referring others to earn.  They work on a tiered system, offering rewards based on the amount that your referrals earn.

Level 1 – Bronze

Requirements: None

Earn 20% of your referral’s cash earnings

Earn 5% of your second level referral’s cash earnings

Level 2 – Silver

Requirements: 5 Active Referrals (active once they earn $5)

All benefits of the Bronze Level

Get 5 cents for every Daily Survey your referrals complete

Level 3 – Gold

Requirements: 50 Active Referrals

All benefits of Bronze and Silver

Daily Survey commission increased to 7 cents per survey

Get $1 for every active referral you gain

Level 4 – Diamond

Requirements: 300 Active Referrals

All the benefits of the other levels

Get $5 every time a referral cashes out for the first time

Increase Daily Survey earnings to 10 cents per survey

Get a $300 Cash bonus!

So with this awesome referral program, you may be wondering how to get referrals.  When you go to the Promote tab, you will find links to:

The Referral Center – where you will find the compensation plan, your referral link, a list of ways to get referrals and your banner link.

Invite Your Friends – this is where you can enter the emails of your friends and have them sent an editable generic invitation, that includes your link

Banners – As the title suggests, you will find banner codes here that you can use on blogs, forums and personal email signatures.

Treasure Tracker – By far one of the coolest ideas!  If you have US paper currency, you can enter the serial number into the Treasure Tracker, then simply write “” on the bill.  Once someone finds the bill and enters the serial number on the site, they will become your referral and learn all about how to earn on Treasure Trooper.  It’s also really neat because you can see where the bill travels as people enter the serial code into the site.

Treasure Trooper Chatroom


Treasure Trooper Chat Bonuses

This is by far my favourite part of the site…well, one of them!  The chat room is full of everyday people, earning on the site.  There are people from all over the world and with different lengths of experience with the site – some are complete beginners and some have been there since the beginning.  Everyone there is ready to help and happy to share their successes along the way.   It’s a great way to learn about great offers, to ask for help and pick up lots of free stuff!

There are a few ways to get free stuff in the chatroom.

Actively Chat

While you are in the chatroom, dedicate an hour for active chatting.  To be active, you simply need to chat every ten minutes, in 10 minute blocks (:00-:09; :10-:19; :20-:29; :30-:39; :40-:49; :50-:59). This can be a bit tricky when the room is a little quiet, but typically, there’s good conversations going on about a number of topics.  When you do this, you will receive 2 dragon scales.

Get Shot

This isn’t really as bad as it sounds!  When you get shot in the chatroom, you receive an arrowhead.  Arrowheads are worth about a penny each, but they add up quickly by doing offers and getting shot in the chatroom.  You can be shot directly 3 times a day, and can get hit by an unlimited amount of falling arrowsheads.  Each day, you will be given the opportunity to shoot one person directly (type shoot and then the person’s username) and shoot one falling arrowhead (type shoot air).

Every other day, Treasure Trooper also has an arrow storm.  During this time, 100 arrowheads will drop and be randomly distributed amongst everyone in the chatroom.  Be sure to follow Treasure Trooper on Twitter, to get a 10 minute heads up on the start of the storm!

Be in the chatroom when offers credit.

Whenever you complete a Cash Offer, you get the chance to play a guessing game to win a pearl.  If you’re in the chatroom when the offer credits (typically moments later), you will get a chance to play the game again, and win a second pearl (used for unassigned referrals).

Congratulate other members

Whenever another member finishes a Survey Seeker, and it credits while they are in chat, other members have 1 minute to congratulate them by typing a set congratulatory message (the message will be provided with the notification in quotations i.e. “You’re on Fire ____!”).  The first two people to correctly type the message, will be rewarded with a dragon scale.


when is bingo in Treasure Trooper?

More popularly known as BINGO, every Tuesday night at 7pm CST, 3 rounds of BINGO take place.  Head over to Matubu’s Hut to purchase your ticket and may the odds be forever in your favour!

Chat Party

Treasure Trooper Bonuses in Chat

Every Wednesday night from 6pm-8pm CST, a chat party is hosted in the chatroom.  There are lots of prizes offered during this time for achieving all sorts of goals, including completing offers, answering trivia and typing phrases in time.

This is typically a pretty busy time in chat, not only because of the bonuses, but also because it’s lots of fun!

Fight Night

Every Friday night from 7pm-9pm CST, fight night happens in the chatroom.  This is great time to check out the dragon competition and win some bonus prizes!

And even if you don’t earn in one of the above 7 ways, you still get to chat with some really friendly (and often funny) people!

Check out this walk through of the Treasure Trooper chat room and forum:


Make money playing games

I LOOOVVVEEE the dragon feature on Treasure Trooper!  It is SO much fun and a great way to earn a little extra on top of all the other ways to earn.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of secrecy around dragons and a lot of random chance, but it also makes it kinda fun too!  You can raise dragons, sell dragons, breed dragons and fight dragons – all of which offer different earning possibilities.

To start the dragon fun, you will need an egg.  There are a few ways to acquire an egg, but the most popular ways are buying one from Professor Cogg, or completing your first 100 searches to get one.

Where to find dragon eggs

Once you have your egg, you’re going to need to hatch it.  To do this, you will need to heat it with 12 heatlamps (1 scale each from Professor Cogg), for a total of 96 hours – and get 25 touches.  Touches are clicks on a link that you provide others.  I find the best places to get the clicks is through the clicksforbeermoney subreddit and by using a free click-for-click service such as 10khits.

Then you need to hatch your dragon.  Your dragon will be moved from the nest to the cave, where it will need to be fed (buy 1 piece of food from Professor Cogg) every 24 hours.  If you forget or miss a feeding, your dragon will be sent to the medical center and you will need to purchase dragon medicine (5 scales from Professor Cogg) to release it.  You can also give your dragon a growth hormone, which costs 25 scales from Professor Cogg and it will skip a developmental stage.  Your dragon will be a baby for 7 days (or more if you miss feedings) and an adolescent for an additional 7 days (or more).

how to raise dragons in Treasure Trooper

Once you’ve fed your dragon, it will mature into adulthood.  Then you will need to give it attention.  When you click on your dragon’s picture, and then ‘interact’ you will be given a number of ways to interact with your dragon.  Try and find it’s love and boost it to 100% trust, to really capitalize on your dragon.  But beware, if you find it’s hate, it will lose 30% trust, and a dislike will lose 20%.  If your dragon’s trust falls to 0%, it will become ill and you will need to spend 5 scales on medicine to free it from the medical center.

Once your dragon has built up its trust in you, you can breed, battle, harvest or sell it.

If you have 2 adult dragons, with trust over 75%, they can breed (you will need to buy a breeding pit from Professor Cogg first) and you will get a new egg to hatch, feed and love!

Once your dragon is an adult, you can begin battling it (you will need an arena, which you can get from Professor Cogg).  Each time it loses a battle, you can give it a training session (10 scales from Professor Cogg), which will build up its stats in a particular battle area.  Here’s what you’ll win at each dragon level of battle:

Level 1 : 1-10 Wins – 3 Gold Coins — 10th win moves you to Level 2.
Level 2 : 11-25 Wins – 5 Scales — 25th win moves you to Level 3.
Level 3 : 26-50 Wins – $0.25 — 50th win moves you to Level 4.
Level 4 : 51-100 Wins – 1 Platinum Coin — 100th win moves you to Level 5.
Level 5 : 101-150 Wins – $1.00 and 1 Pearl

Your dragon can also give you scales, by pulling them.  Each time you pull, you receive one scale and your dragon’s stats go down by 10%.  This means that the first time you pull a scale, your dragon’s trust will drop by 10%; the second time, it will drop by 20%; the third time, it will drop by 30% and so on.

Adult dragon treasure trooper

You can also harvest your dragons.  When harvested, the dragon will give you a random number of scales.  The dragon must have 50% trust to be harvested.  This will essentially kill your dragon, so you will be trading it for scales.

Finally, you can also choose to sell your dragon to Professor Cogg, and each one is worth a different amount.  1 dragon can be sold every 30 days, and it must have 90% trust in you to be sold.

With the many ways to earn scales on Treasure Trooper, the dragon element is a really fun bonus, that gives couple of other ways to earn!

Learn More About Dragons here:

Ready to Earn?

With all the ways to earn, and in all the currencies, there’s certainly a lot to know.  It may seem overwhelming at first (I know it was for me), but remember, you aren’t alone!  If at any time you get confused, pop into the chatroom and ask!  Everyone is always happy to help and share their experiences.

I mean, with this many different ways to earn, how can you not get started now?

Ready to start making even more money?  Join Treasure Trooper here and get started with a $5 bonus, a dragon egg and a dragon nest!

Then look for span (me) in the chatroom and say hi 😊

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