My Favourite Weight Loss Tools


I have to admit, 3 items have made my weight loss journey far more effective: measuring cups, measuring spoons and a kitchen scale.

Currently, I am using a calorie counting system to help me achieve my goals. As a result, I have to weigh and measure every single thing that crosses my lips. While this is time-consuming, it has certainly been effective, resulting in more than 10 pounds lost in last month.

Right now, I have 3 measuring spoon sets, and 5 measuring cup sets – and it’s not enough! I suppose I could just wash the spoons and cups after using them, but I’m a little lazy (which is understandable after all the time it takes to measure and weigh everything) and prefer just throwing them in the dishwasher!

I’ve really learned that the guessing of portion sizes that I used to do, in previous diets, was WAY off and now I’m super glad I have the tools to ensure accuracy!

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