New Years Dinner Shopping Trip


After hosting a family Christmas dinner, my partner and I apparently didn’t learn our lesson, and are hosting a family New Years Eve dinner! One thing we did learn, was to make less and easier to prepare foods (I love pinterest, but man, does it result in some complicated attempts at simplicity!)

Due to various food restrictions (dairy-free, glutan-free, sugar-free, nut-free, vegetarian) we decided to keep things simple with chili, soup, lasagna, sheppard’s pie and various desserts – just so there is variety and something for everyone!

First Stop: Sobeys
6xstrawberries @1.99
blueberries @1.99
Grapes @6.74
Buitoni @3.99 – $1 coupon – $1 cartsmart
Excel mints @2.29 (just bought to go over $25 dollar mark to use my points…and because I’m addicted)

Total: $26.25
-$25 Sobeys points
= $1.25
-$1 cartsmart
= $.25
Paid with prepaid mastercard (Christmas gift)= FREE!!!

Second Stop: Fortinos
2xVegetarian lasagna @6.99
1xmeatballs @8.99

Total: $22.97
-$20 Pcpoints
= $2.97
Paid with prepaid mastercard (Christmas gift) = FREE!!!

Final Stop: Metro
Campbells soup @$2.19
carrots @$3.49
potatoes @$4.99
lemon juice @$3.19 + 5 airmiles
4xHunt’s Tomato Sauce @4/$5
Rolled Oats @2.99 + 15 airmiles
3xkidney beans @.99
soup stock @3.99
Bananas @$1.99
Cauliflower @$3.99
Cucumber @$1.79
2xCelery @$2.49
Leeks @$2.99 (just realized the guy typed it in as kale, which was $2 cheaper than leeks)
Pepperidge farm cookies @$3.99
Red pepper @$1.35
Orange pepper @$1.61
Yellow pepper @$1.78
Tofu @$2.49 (forgot my coupon, darn!)
Sour Cream @$1.99 – $1 coupon – $0.50 snapsaves
Buitoni pizza @$3.99 – $1coupon – $1 cartsmart
Grape Tomatoes@ $2.50

Total = $62.54
-$40 airmiles cash
= $22.54
– $1 cartsmart
-$0.50 snapsaves

+23 airmiles!

I know I shopped at 3 of the most expensive grocery stores and could have gotten things much cheaper at No Frills and/or Food Basics, but I wanted to use points to make my oop as low as possible.

So after reward programs, my total came to $23.26 and after using my prepaid mastercard balances, my total oop was $20.04! Definitely makes hosting holiday meals a little easier!

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