Protecting Your Wallet During the Holidays


I absolutely LOVE gift giving and the holidays!  My language of love is undoubtedly giving gifts!

So, needless to say, my wallet takes a pretty big punch during the holiday season, even when I’m being frugal…I just can’t help it!

However, as I realize the importance of building up savings and not going back into consumer debt, I’ve started looking for ways to help reduce my spending.

Here’s what I do:

Shop through ebates and get cash back
Redeem swagbucks for amazon gift certificates and use them for gifts
Save up my Shoppers points and redeem for gifts
Shop at and watch for their gift card promos, and get cash back on all my purchases
Shop at and earn reward points which turn into cash
Watch for sales…always, always sales!

Young and Thrifty, also posted some great ideas here

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