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I’m a big fan of the adage “every little bit helps” and heavily apply it to finances.  Holding this saying to heart has lead me to mastering the art of couponing in Canada, finding ways to earn extra side cash, and starting this blog as an avenue to share my tips and tricks.

Recently, I amplified my savings by joining Cardswap, and I’m super excited about the savings I’ve already made.

On CardSwap, you receive points for buying gift cards.  Once you receive 1000 points, you can trade them in for a $10 gift card from a wide variety of merchants.

I learned about CardSwap quite some time ago, and checked it out a few times, but found that most of the cards were for stores that I don’t frequent.  Fortunately, I checked it out again a few weeks ago and found gift cards to my local grocery stores, so I decided to give it a try.

The process is simple, you scroll through their site and see what gift cards are available.  Then go through a typical online shopping experience.  Each card shows how many points you’ll get back as a percentage.

Once you reach the 1000 point threshold, redeeming is also super easy.  A big red bar at the bottom of your screen will tell you that you’re ready to redeem, so you simply click it and will be taken to a selection of gift cards to choose from.

It’s especially awesome for buyers because you don’t pay any fees, nor shipping costs!  Just the face value of the gift card!  You also don’t pay anything when it comes time to redeem points!

This is also a great opportunity for making some extra cash if you have gift cards laying around that you won’t use.  You sell the gift cards to CardSwap at a discounted price and they do all the reselling for you.  Plus, if you make a purchase from them, you will get a coupon to save on the fees associated with future gift card sales.

Check out CardSwap here to see the great deals on gift cards they have now!

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