Save Up to 60% on Huggies

I found this AWESOME deal today, when going through my Flipp app!This week Real Canadian Superstore has boxes of Huggies on sale for $30.99, $14 cheaper than their regular $44.99 price.  They sweeten this already great deal by adding 3000 Pc Plus Points for each box that you buy.

But wait…there’s more!

Check your personalized Pc Plus offers – this week I got a 1000 pts for every $10 you spend on Huggies products offer.

So just by combining the sale price with the points promos, you will save $20 on each box that you buy.

But, why stop there?

Right now, there is a coupon to save $8 when you buy two boxes of Huggies diapers (certain size restrictions, but these boxes meet them – just double check the brand of Huggies).  This coupon is specific to Loblaws stores and is often right in front of the diaper section.

So buy 2 boxes of the Huggies diapes and use the coupon at checkout and have the cashier scan your PC Plus card.

AND then…go home and upload your receipt to Checkout 51 and get an additional $6 back for buying 2 boxes of Huggies!

That’s $54 or a 60% savings!

If you haven’t signed up for Checkout 51 yet – what are you waiting for?  Join here and start getting money back on things that you buy!

*Be sure to check your Pc Plus personalized offers to make sure that you received the Huggies bonus point offer – not everyone gets the same offers

Checkout 51

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