My Newest Side Hustle: An Undercover Wear Agent

My starter kit – $299 for over $800 worth of product!
The romance industry is booming – and I want to get my hand in it!

When I was in university I went to a few romance themed parties and had a blast!  There was such a strong sense of camaraderie, bonding and lots and lots of laughs!

So, as I was brainstorming a new side hustle to bring in some extra cash, I decided to look into becoming a direct sales person for a romance company.

I first looked at the two different companies I had partied with in my university days, and while they were good, something about Undercover Wear really stood out.

The three final things that sold me where:

1. Plus size lingerie at the same price as regular sized
2. My personal discount (40%-70% – um yes please!)
3. Natural products

So look forward to each month as I recap my earnings with this newest business venture!

Check out my Undercover Wear store here:

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