Slow Cooker Chicken and Black Bean Tacos- Recipe Review


You may have noticed I was MIA this week and that was due to a terrible cold that knocked me (and then the baby) out of commission :S  I’m just starting to feel somewhat normal again (although I am still feeling many of the effects of this bug), so back at it I go!

Since I was sick all week, I had no patience or energy to look up recipes or eat healthily (of course doing this probably would have helped me heal exponentially – when will I learn?).  This meant that I ate a lot of quick, easy, things and when hubby was around, he was doing the cooking.  Today, I was feeling well enough to sneak out to Target (after 5 days of being coped up in the house, feeling sick and taking care of a sick baby, made me brave the cold for a little break), and also well enough to make dinner.  I decided to try a crockpot meal, to keep it simple.

(picture from – I forgot to take a picture of mine…sorry!)

So over to, I went and tried out their Slow Cooker Chicken and Black Bean Tacos!  What a treat!  They were ABSOLUTELY delicious and very easy to make!  I didn’t have any tomatoes with chili peppers in them, so I used tomatoes with garlic and add some chili pepper flakes to give it a little extra umph.  I also used Ancient Whole Grain tortillas, instead of taco shells and sadly, forgot the cilantro and avocado (which would have given it a really nice flavour)!  I have some bean and tomato mixture left over that I’m going to throw on some rice (with the cilantro) for lunch tomorrow (I just dumped in full cans of beans and tomato mix, not paying attention to size, which is likely why I have left overs).

This is definitely a keeper!

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