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Make Money Online While Watching TV

One of the best ways to feel more financially secure, is to make more money.Of course, finding the time and energy to get another job, can be a bit too much.  Especially, if you’re just looking for some extra spending cash.

That’s what I love about doing surveys.  I don’t have to leave my house; I don’t have to be anywhere at a specific time; Id don’t have to answer to anyone else.  I just jump on my computer of phone when I’ve got some time to spare and get to work!

Another great thing about completing surveys is that they don’t require much brain power.  This means, that I can complete them while watching TV or a movie, or while commuting as a passenger (I have an awesome data plan).

So without further ado, here’s a list of my favourite survey sites.  Want even more?

Check out this post here, with over 35 programs available for Canadians!

Ipsos i-Say Panel

The Ipsos i-Say Panel is a great survey site that actually pays!

I usually make about $10-$15 a month through Ipsos! (Usually, a completed survey gives you 45 points [sometimes more, sometimes less], and even if you don’t qualify for a survey you are invited to, you still earn 5 points and an entry into the weekly draw).

As a member, you’ll receive:

  • Invitations to online surveys where you can earn points redeemable for rewards;
  • Chances to win weekly prize drawings each time you take a survey;
  • Opportunities to influence decision-makers;
  • The chance to test new products before anyone else.

It takes just a few minutes to sign up and start earning!

Angus Reid Forum


I always enjoy sharing my opinion about various topics with companies, and I really enjoy the awards I get for doing it!

Angus Reid Forum is a great site that offers surveys to Canadians.  I receive frequent survey requests from them and the rewards are pretty decent.  You are rewarded with survey dollars or draw entries for all sorts of neat prizes!

It costs nothing to join, so why not get paid for telling companies what you think?!?!

Join here



It’s pretty obvious that you won’t get rich answering surveys, but it is a handy way to earn some extra cash.

Legerweb is another great FREE survey site that I personally use and love, for earning some extra cash!

The surveys are pretty quick and easy, and you can choose to receive cash or airmiles for each survey completed.  The best part is, you can do one survey and choose cash, then do another and choose airmiles – the choice is yours!

Each survey you complete also gives you ‘chances’ to win in a monthly draw., held the first Tuesday of each month.  The prizes are: 2 prizes of $1000, 1 prize of $100 and 1 iPad®!

*You do have to earn $20 cash before being able to ‘cash’ out.  You will receive payment by a cheque mailed out to you*

Asking Canadians

If you collect Aeroplan points, Hudson Bay Rewards, or Petro-Points, then Asking Canadians is a great site for you to join!

I typically get 1-2 surveys from them each day and the pay out is pretty decent – even when you don’t qualify for a survey, you still get some points for trying!

Rewards come in the form of Aeroplan points, Hudson Bay Rewards, Petro-Points, or contest entries (with the exception of the contest entries, you choose your reward).  If you collect any of these points, it’s a nice way to top up your balance!

Join here!


The best thing about SurveySavvy is that you can request a payment as soon as you have earned $1 (payments are made in US funds by cheque).

I’ve noticed that the surveys from SurveySavvy are usually pretty high value ($1-$3 on average) and don’t take that long to complete.  They also have an awesome referral program and extra contests.

Sign up here and start earning today!

Harris Poll

Harris Poll is a great site to quickly build up points that can be redeemed for contest entries, or gift cards!  Each survey gives you a Hpoints and entries into their quarterly sweepstakes for $10,000!

The redemption values are low, so it doesn’t take long to earn enough points for a great reward!

Join here to start earning today!


This Canadian based research firm has an easy to navigate website and many opportunities to earn points to redeem for rewards such as gift cards, and tablets. 

Not only can you earn points by completing surveys, but also by completing polls and printing coupons.

Sign up here!


No doubt you’ve noticed me mention Swagbucks many times throughout this site, but you can also build on your points very quickly by completing surveys!There are so many ways to earn with Swagbucks, that you can reach your cash out levels uber fast!

Join Swagbucks here and start earning today!

Gift Hulk

Surveys are just one of the many ways to earn with Gift Hulk!

Each survey has a different reward value and time duration, but are well rewarded.  Plus, with all the other ways to earn with Gift Hulk, you’ll be cashing out in no time!

Join here!

Treasure Trooper

Like Swagubucks and Gifthulk, you can earn money in a number of ways with Treasure Trooper – not just surveys.

There are number of different digital currencies to be paid out in Treasure Trooper, all of which have surveys that can be used to earn with.

As an added bonus, Treasure Trooper pays out in US funds!

Join here!