Swagbucks Birthday Bonuses!

It’s Swagbucks birthday and they are celebrating by giving their users opportunities to earn and win more points!

I’m really excited for this promo because of how many bonus Swagbucks we’ll be able to earn, and it doesn’t look too hard to do!

​First off, you’ll need to be a member of Swagbucks (join here).

​Then head over to the Swago board here and join in on the fun!

​Once you activate your board, you’ll see all the tasks you need to do in order to fill your board.  Just like in Bingo, completing various configurations of rows and patterns will give you different rewards.

Swagbucks Spin The Wheel

​While the Swago board isn’t new, the cool new thing is the new Spin the Wheel feature!

How To Get Swagbucks Spins

Each block on your Swago board has 1 to 5 free spins allocated to it, when you complete the task, you get the amount of spins associated with that task.

​Pretty sweet right?

Wait!  It Gets Better!

Then, to make it even better, not only do you get your bonus Swagbucks for filling boxes to make a pattern, but you also get bonus spins for finishing patterns too!

​Now’s the time to get back into Swagbucks, (or get started, I won’t judge that you haven’t already)!

​But hurray, you have until 12pm PST to submit your Swago board and until 11:59pm PST to use your spins!

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