It’s SWAGO time!

SWAGO is by far one of my favourite Swagbucks events, especially when it’s a shopping board!

Until March 31st at 12PST, you can complete your SWAGO board and submit it to earn up to 200 points ($2)!

There are 3 different types of tasks for this board:

1. Visit the named store and activate the SwagButton – to do this, simply click on the square and then click the blue button that pops up at the top of your window saying “Activate Offer”

2. Visit the named store from your mobile device – to do this, login to Swagbucks from a mobile device, go to the SWAGO board and then click the appropriate square.

3. Check out items from the named store – click on the box and view the new window that pops up.  There will be a serious of pages that you need to view for a predetermined amount of time.  These are ncrave activities, so not only will you fill your box, but also receive a Swagbuck for each video serious you complete.

Once you fill your board, or complete whichever pattern you’re aiming for, submit it and get rewarded!

Haven’t joined Swagbucks yet?  What are you waiting for!  Join here and start earning today!

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