SWAGO Shopping Edition – 200 Swagbucks

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Swagbucks, and typically bring in a minimum of $25 a month doing the things I do everyday online!

One of my favourite features on Swagbucks, is the SWAGO games that pop up once or twice a month (typically).

This month, SWAGO is focused on showing off all the great cashback opportunities that Swagbucks offers – and once you fill the board, you’ll get an easy 200 Swagbucks (worth $2)!

All you have to do is, head over the SWAGO board game, (not a Swagbucks member?  Make sure you register here first) and click on the boxes.  Some need to be clicked from a mobile device and some from a laptop/desktop.  Some may also need you to click on a blue button that appears at the top of the page, which says “Activate Shop & Earn”.

Click on all the boxes and activate the offers (if necessary), refresh the page to verify that all the boxes have changed colour and then submit!  Your 200 Swagbucks will be credited instantly!

You have until October 24th at 12pm PT to redeem your board!  

Want to see how I earn $25 each month on Swagbucks?  Check out this post that breaks it down.

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