Today’s Lunch


Thankfully, yesterday was Friday and the end of hubby’s terrible week at work. I decided to celebrate with him by making him some brownies (yes, I am a terrible emotional eater and hubby is starting to follow suit…really gotta work on that!)

Black Bean Avocado Brownies

This was taken from the lovely people over at The only alteration I made was replacing the sugar for Splenda and replaced the coffee with more cocoa powder. I had a hard time pureeing the black bean and avocado together, so I added some water. This gave the brownies a bit of a funny texture, so I froze them and it improved them.

The recipe made 15 brownies at 104 calories each. Not too bad!

Zucchini Pizza

I woke up craving pizza (nothing new for me) and decided to try a healthier alternative. So over to pinterest I went and found this great recipe from I followed the recipe exactly, but didn’t have any pepperoni, so I put 3 tsp of onions on each zuchini slice and 3 grape tomatoes cut in half. I also added garlic powder to taste and a half tsp of bread crumbs to each slice to soak up some of the moisture and give it a bit of crunch!

My alterations gave each stick 47.25 calories and they were delicious!

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