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Up To 68% Savings at Joe Fresh – June 27th-July 2nd

Joe Fresh has an AMAZING Canada Day sale that  when stacked right, could save you up to 68%!!!

Stacking the Joe Fresh Canada Day Sale

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links in this post are affiliate links.  Please read my affiliate disclosure here.

There is an AMAZING sale going on at Joe Fresh right now!

If you’re in the need (or want) of new clothes, then keep on reading.

To fully stack this deal and get there are few different steps, so be sure to follow along as you put your order in.

The Deal

How to Get the most points at Joe Fresh

In celebration of Canada Day, Joe Fresh is offering an awesome point deal!  As you can see in the graphic that between June 27th and July 2nd they are offering:

30,000 points when you spend $100

20,000 points when you spend $75

10,000 points when you spend $50

This is up to 30% back in points when you purchase!  AMAZING!

But wait, it gets Better!

Joe Fresh Coupon Code

Use promo code: sweats 25 to get an additional 25% off everything – including clearance!

Want more savings?

Link Your PC Insiders Account

If you are a PC Insider then you will get an additional 20% back in points!  One of the many perks of being an Insider is that you get 20% back on Joe Fresh, each and every single time you shop!

In this particular case, if you are an Insider, and you purchase $100 worth of Joe Fresh over this July long weekend, you will get 30,000 points back for their offer AND an additional 20,000 points back just for being a member.  That will give you 50,000 points back, which is a $50 value – so an immediate 50% off everything including clearance and sales!

Not yet a PC Insiders member?  Use promo code EF1438 when signing up to save 25% off your annual fee!

But Wait, There’s More!

Use a Cashback Site

If those amazing savings weren’t enough, you can stack for even more!

Head over to Ebates.ca (if you don’t have an account, join here for free) and when you shop through their affiliate link, you will get an additional 6% cash back!  Unreal!

If you’ve never shopped through Ebates before, check out this video walk through that shows you just how easy it is to do!

Ready to Save Even More?

Earn Credit Card Rewards

Don’t forget your credit card rewards!  Pop over to your local Loblaws branded grocery store and pick up a Joe Fresh gift card using your Scotiabank Infinite Visa!  You will get an automatic 4% cashback (redeemed annually) just by buying the gift card!

If you don’t want to head out, use your best reward credit card to reap even more benefits!

What’s the Final Tally?

For example, you’ve signed up for Ebates and a PC Insiders membership (use code EF1438  to save 25% off your annual fee), clicked through Ebates and order $125 worth of clothes from Joe Fresh using code sweats 25 at checkout.

Here’s how it will all break down:

$125 subtotal (before discounts, tax, etc)
– 25% off code at checkout (sweats 25)
= $100
Earns 30,000 points automatically (weekend promotion)
Earns 20,000 points automatically (PC Insiders membership; use promo code EF1438 for 25% off your annual fee)
= $50
– 6% Shop through Ebates.ca
= $44
– 4% Paying for purchase with a Joe Fresh gift card bought with your Scotiabank Momentum Visa
= $40

That’s a 68% savings – start the computer!!!

*You will be taxed on $100, the amount of which will vary by province

How much did you save with this deal?

4 thoughts on “Up To 68% Savings at Joe Fresh – June 27th-July 2nd

  1. I have been using this for 2 years, and we get many times our value. You get something like 30% back on all baby products INCLUDING Diapers, Wipes and Formula! Also $100 off travel, a free gift box (sometimes 2). So its defiantly worth it.

    1. Yes! It’s definitely a great program! Unfortunately, they no longer offer the bonus points on baby products or the travel voucher. However, the new offers are still pretty great depending on your shopping habits!

      Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

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