Zipper Sleepers – All You Need For Baby!


When we found out we were having a boy, we started going crazy buying baby clothes! Just around the corner from us is an OshKosh/Carter’s that always has awesome clearance deals. Shopping around we soon refused to pay more than $2.99 for a onesie, more than $3.99 for track pants, more than for $4.99 for a sweater, or more than $5.99 for a hoodie. We even got jeans for $0.99 a pair from Old Navy! Surprisingly, it was very easy to buy name brand items for this price, so we stocked up on various items for the first year (mostly smaller sizes though, simply because we didn’t know how he’d grow).

Fast forward almost 5 months from his birth, and how much of that do we actually use? Very little. I very quickly learned that onesies in Canadian autumn/winter, just don’t do the trick! We have tons of pants, but man, are they a pain to put on and take off!

So what does our little guy wear? Well, he still gets ‘dressed up’ for pictures and family visits in jeans and tee-shirts/sweaters, but for day-to-day (and at night) he simply wears sleepers. Walmart has 3 packs of zipper sleepers (zippers are key – SOOOOOOOOOO much easier than buttons) for $12.99, which works out to $4.33 a sleeper, regular price – and right now they’re $9 on rollback (so just $3 each)! Sure it’s a bit higher than we would like to pay, but for the ease and convience, it’s certainly worth it!

(I could only find girls’ sleepers on the Walmart site for the picture, but they really do have boys’ ones too!)

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