$10 Courses at Udemy


I am a dedicated life-long learner.  I absolutely love absorbing knowledge and exercising my brain.  This fun hobby is also very beneficial, as it gives me more opportunities to earn money.

That’s what I love about Udemy.  It offers a plethora of courses taught by all sorts of individuals, on all sorts of courses!  I stalked Udemy for quite some time before actually joining a class during one of their previous $10 promos…and boy, am I glad that I did.

I am currently enrolled inRob Percievil’s Web Design course, and am frankly amazed at how much I’ve learned.  I’m so excited to finish the course and apply what I’ve learned to make moneysavvyme even better!  The course is beautifully laid out and easy to follow – I’m so impressed by it, that I will be taking other courses throughUdemy.

One of the nicest things that I’ve noticed, is that most courses are go at your own pace and have life-time access.  This is super helpful for someone like me, who has a toddler and a new born and can’t easily make scheduled lectures or adhere to due dates.

So, if you want to learn something new, head over to Udemy and see what $10 will getcha!

Offer expires September 15th, 2015!

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