$35 for Completing 1 Survey

Want to make an easy $35?  Then check out this awesome survey opportunity, that takes 10 days and pays you $35 when you successfully complete it (I actually completed and earned my $35 – so it’s legit!)

To earn your $35, you simply need to:
  -Successfully install the TouchPoints app on your smartphone
  -Access the app daily and fill out the interactive diary for 10 consecutive days, including a Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  -Complete the interactive diaries on a daily basis in at least 3 sittings.
       NOTE: Days where all diaries were completed in 2 sittings or all at once are not counted as valid.
  -Complete the ‘Late in the day’ survey on a daily basis

You will also earn a bonus $25 for each person you refer who completes the project (conditions apply).

Sign up for this great opportunity here!

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