Blog Round Up

Along with writing this blog, I also like to read a lot of blogs – it’s how I learn!  So here’s a few of my favourite articles found this week.

3 Ways A Budget Can Help Ease Your Money Stress : July 2015 Budget Update
This great article by the fine people at Canadian Budget Binder discusses stress caused by financial hardship and the importance of being fiscally responsible.  It also links to their awesome free budget template to help readers organize their finances.

Earning from Paid Surveys has never been easier
10 Characteristics of Debt-Free People
I am very fortunate in that we only have our mortgage and car payments for debt. Still, it’s debt which makes us uncomfortable. One of the great things about this Time’s article was that it really reaffirmed and encouraged my money mindset. Definitely a good list!

10 Ways to Save Money at the Gas Pump
Who doesn’t want to cut their gas costs? The Canadian Finance Blog posted a great list of 10 ways to help cut down on gas costs that go beyond using coupons and reward programs. Definitely a helpful read for those of us who are less informed about car maintenance and care!

Scott Walker Pays 27% Interest on His Credit Card. Here’s How he Could Fix It
While this is a US site and focused article, I found it really interesting to learn about the presidential candidate financial disclosure process. Penny Hoarder also asked the first thing that came to mind, which was how someone with a significant debt load could be trusted with the finances of the USA. This was neat to learn something new!

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