Christmas Dinner Review


I hope you all had and/or are having a wonderful holiday season!
These last few days have been an absolute whirlwind of activity, family and love!

After hosting our first Christmas dinner, I wanted to share the reviews of the pinterest items I included.


 Berry Cobbler

This was super easy to make, and a few people enjoyed it – I was not one of them.  I don’t know if it was the mixed fruit medley, or what, but I didn’t love the flavour.  It likely would have been better with some ice cream.

I won’t make this again, unless requested.


Eggnogg Cookies

I really enjoyed the cookies, but the icing wasn’t great.  The recipe called for rum extract, and when making my shopping list, I failed to notice this and thought it was just rum.  The rum was good in the cookies, but too strong in the icing.  The quantities also yielded way too much icing, which just got thrown out.

Overall, okay.  I enjoyed the cookies, but not many ate them.


No Bake Strawberry Icebox Cake

This was by far the highlight of the desserts!  Everyone loved it!  The recipe called for making your own whip cream, but I just used light Cool Whip to keep it easy.  I also forgot the chocolate, but it wasn’t needed at all!  

I will make this again, just for myself!


Greek Yogurt Souffle

Another keeper!  Everyone seemed to enjoy this, and Dan and I even ate them for breakfast the next morning!

I wasn’t able to get my egg whites and splenda to go firm and peak, so I was worried about how it would rise – but it was still good!

I’ll probably make some of these for breakfast again!


Christmas Package Cheese Snack

I messed this one up royally!  I got lazy and just bought some herb & garlic Philly cream cheese and stuck it in a medium square container.  I don’t eat much cheese, so I didn’t actually try this – but others seemed to enjoy it.  The scallion bow was an epic fail, I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me!  But oh well, apparently still tasted good!



This was absolutely delicious, and a total hit!  Since I’m still exclusively breast feeding, I won’t drink, and am missing wine after some 14 months!  This mock-champagne is certainly a fine substitute!

I used extra gingerale (just because I love it) and a full pint of raspberries.  The pint was far too many, and half would have sufficed – still yummy though!


Submerged Ornaments with Floating Candles

This was another fail!  I have no idea how they got the balls to submerge midway.  When I put my balls in, they floated on the top; then I cut holes in the balls and they sank; then I added salt to the water and it got muggy and the balls still wouldn’t co-operate!  So, it was a no go.  

Needless to say, after my many attempts, I gave up and went with a bowl filled with ornaments.

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