Easy 200 Swagbucks

Swagbucks is by far one of the best money making sites out there.  

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Since joining in 2011, I have earned 93,789 Swagbucks (as of today), which is more than $1000!  Not too shabby for watching some videos and answering questions while watching TV.

Now, that I’ve upped my Swagbucks game and use a variety of strategies to increase my earnings, my monthly earnings continue to increase.

One of the funnest strategies I’ve found to bump up my earnings each month is with SWAGO Swagbucks‘ version of BINGO.

Each month, Swagbucks typically runs a SWAGO contest, and this month they’ve offered two!

To play SWAGO, all you have to do is click one of the big SWAGO banners plastered all over the site, which will take you to your SWAGO board.  

Then you simply complete the tasks to complete one of the corresponding prize patterns.  Easy right?

Well, until September 2nd, they’re making SWAGO super easy!

Follow these simple steps to get a quick and easy 200 Swagbucks:

Step 1: Go to your SWAGO board, and then on your computer, click all of the boxes that say to visit a site on your desktop.  Easy right?

Step 2: Make sure you have your Swagbutton installed, and then click on all of the boxes that say to visit a site from the Swagbutton.  Simple.

Step 3: Login into Swagbucks from your phone or tablet, and click all of the boxes that say to visit a site from your Mobile Device.  Easy peasy.

Step 4: With your board full (as pictured above) click on ‘redeem’ under the full board/200 point pattern.  Do this before the promo ends September 2nd.

Step 5: Enjoy your easy 200 points (a $2 value)

Remember – this promo ends September 2nd at 12PM PT.

What are you using your Swagbucks for?

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