Free Christmas Activities for Kids

FREE Christmas Activity Book

Looking for a fun, quick, printable kids’ Christmas activity book?  Look no further!

Free Kids Christmas Activity Book Printable

Our family started the Elf on the Shelf tradition last year.  However, our elf doesn’t get into that much mischief, instead, it likes to bring gifts and activities for the kids.  Sometimes, it even gives them little tasks to complete.

We decided to embrace the quarantined Elf this year, thinking it would be a fun way to commemorate the absolute insanity that 2020 has been.  While it was fun in theory, it has certainly made the extras that the Elf drops off a little trickier.

Elf on the Shelf Quarantine

So the Elf has been magically attaching notes to his jar asking the kids to do things like have them show him their karate routines or asking Alexa tell him a joke, or play the Freeze Dance Song on Alexa and dance along.  Needless to say, these little acts make the 3am “Ugh, I forgot the Elf” wake ups much easier!

Free Christmas Activity Book for Kids

Despite the fact that the Elf is in the jar, I decided to whip up some fun printable activities for the kids to do tomorrow.

Free Christmas Puzzle Printables for kids

And as an appreciation to you, my wonderful readers, I put it in an easy pdf format that you can download and share with your kiddos too!

The puzzles are in black and white, so they won’t take up too much ink, and also gives your kids room to do some colouring!

Printable Christmas wordsearch

The kid includes a Christmas themed word scramble, crack the code, word search and crossword!

Printable Xmas Puzzles

Click here to download the FREE Kids Christmas Activity Book

I will be printing some free colouring pages from Crayola (get them here) to finish off the package for the kids (and to use for the smaller ones who aren’t quite old enough for the word games in the puzzle pack I made).

Click here for ways to make the holidays more affordable without losing the fun!



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