Goal Recap August 2014

It’s funny, my husband has been home all summer and somehow, I seem to have less time than when he’s at work :S Go figure!

I did get more writing done this month and started to jump on the contest band wagon – hopefully it pays off with some prizes!

So here goes:

Lose 2lbs a week by December 31 2014–NOT ON TRACK– This month I had good days and bad days with this goal, and unfortunately the bad days seemed to prevail. Fortunately, I didn’t gain any weight, but I also didn’t lose any.

Put $12000 into savings by December 31 2014–NOT ON TRACK– My maternity benefits ran out at the end of June, which means I’m not bringing in anything substantial yet. This means absolutely no savings since we are living paycheck to paycheck now and have had to dip into our line of credit for a few unexpected expenses.

Earn an extra $12000 by December 31 2014– NOT ON TRACK– Outside of regular income, we brought in an extra $193.41 – this makes $4630.93 for the year thus far.

Start a daycare in September 2014–ON TRACK– All is a go – just need the kids!

Read a book a month by December 2014– NOT ON TRACK– I finished The Birth House by Ami McKay. It was one of those rare gems that after I finished, I just sat and stared for a few moments, knowing my life would never be the same.

Finish the basement by August 2014 – COMPLETE

Plant a fruit/vegetable garden in spring 2014–NOT ON TRACK– Garden looks like a no go this year 🙁

What a crazy busy, yet unproductive (goal wise) month. September will be better as hubby goes back to work and we get back into routine!

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