Weekend Reading

What better way to spend the weekend than reading on how to save and make money?

Here are a few of my favourite articles this week:

1. How To Save $1 Million, Step By Step
This article on Money Under 30 gives some great guidance on how to save a million dollars…because who doesn’t want an extra million?

2. An Easy Way to Feel $10,000, Even $20,000 Richer
Some of people will argue that wealth is a mindset and this article on The Penny Hoarder discusses how your environment has the possibility of making you healthier and wealthier!

3. A Unique Way to Make Money on Amazon: How I Earn $1,500 a Month
This is another great article over at Penny Hoarder that discusses the growing trend of private label right products on Amazon.  Definitely a neat money making idea!

4. Top Five Apps for Saving You Money
The good people over at Fabulously Broke in the City have complied a list of the top 5 apps that can save you money (just like the title states!)  This list is not limited to just budgeting apps, which is nice!

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