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It’s funny, even as an adult, I don’t consider the New Year to start in January, but September.  A creature of habit, I still think on the academic calendar! Thus it is fitting to consider budget reflections and revamps this long weekend.  I love keeping a budget – I’m really awesome at keeping track of how I’m spending my money, but not so great at sticking to the budget.

So here are some of my favourite reads and resources on budgeting this week:3 Steps to a September Budget Review – this article over on mrsjanuary.com is very apropos, as I am terrible at actually sticking to a budget!  As I mentioned before, I love tracking my spending, but never really take the initiative to modify my behaviours based on my spending trends.

Create a budget that really works – Canadian Living posted this helpful article to help focus your budget and give you steps on how to get it started!

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Free Budget Spreadsheet – This isn’t really an article, but my absolute favourite budget template!  Created by The Canadian Budget Binder, the spreadsheet is easy to fill out and nicely breaks down categories of spending.  I love this one! 

How Much Money You Should Spend on Living Expenses – Budgeting Guidelines for Income – So after you figure out how you are spending your money, it’s a good idea to see how you should be spending your money.  This handy reference, gives you a good idea of how money should be allocated.

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