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It’s been a long while since I’ve done a Weekend Reading segment, and since sharing my favourite articles each week was one of my favourite parts of this blog, I made a resolution to pick it back up this year!

So, here’s the first Weekend Reading installment of 2017, with my favourite budgetting articles (because how many of us had intentions of making and sticking to a budget this year?)

How To Handle The First Blank Page of Your 2017 Budget:
CBB is always a great go to source for budgeting and keeping your finances in order!  In this article he breaks down the importance of alleviating financial stress by paying off debt, and getting in touch with recurring service providers to reduce monthly payments! 

Of course, don’t forget to download his awesome budget planner template for a really in-depth record of where your money goes! 
How Inflation Could Hit Your Family Budget in 2017 – Globe and Mail 
Inflation comes every year and overall it doesn’t seem to hit us that hard, as this article states, typically in the low 1%. 

However, considering that the article warns that the average food cost increase is 3-5%, it’s something important to consider. 

Still, I always forget to consider inflation costs when planning out my year, so I appreciated this article by Rob Carrick, that broke down how much and in what categories would should anticipate inflation this year.
Ten Tips Budgeting Tips to Make This Year’s Resolution Stick – You Need A Budget 
Am I the only one who starts the year off pumped with my new budget, only to find that come February I’ve already skipped a few entries, or just completely steered off track?

I’m so glad I found this article by Erin Lowell over at You Need A Budget, to help me stay on track and feel like keeping a budget is manageable. 

This is definitely an article I’m saving to go back to throughout the year!

What’s Your Best Advice For Creating and Sticking to a budget?

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