How Does Ampli App work?

AMPLI Review – Automate Your Cash Back!

If you’ve been around here for a while, you know I love to use apps that save me money.  You also know that I have four kids and a bunch of cats, which makes for a pretty crazy life.  So when an app can automatically save me money, I go a little gaga!

Ampli and RBC

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This is why I’ve got to share this awesome new app, Ampli!

Now if you’ve used Drop in the past, Ampli is very similar to it’s original form but with way more selection and awesome offers.

What is Ampli?

Ampli Rewards

Ampli is a money saving site that automates cash back when users shop at partner stores.  Users simply connect their credit cards and/or debit card and when they shop at one of the stores offering a promotion with the linked card, they get rewarded!

What Makes Ampli Great?

Ampli is Free!

There are no fees to use Ampli at all – you just rake in the money!  Plus when you sign up with promo code AMPLI5 you get a bonus $5!

Ampli is Automated

Life is busy and with so many different reward programs it can be easy to forget about newer ones or forget to claim offers.  With Ampli, everything is automatic.  Simply connect your preferred payment method to your account and when you shop, Ampli will credit you automatically!  There’s no need to login and scan a card, upload a receipt or push an offer – Ampli takes care of everything for you!

Ampli Pays in Money, not Points

We all love points, no doubt about it, but the great thing about Ampli is that you receive money back!  This means that you are not limited to how or where you use your rewards and your earnings are deposited right into your bank account!

It’s Easy to Cash Out

Some apps make you wait quarterly to access your money, others have high thresholds keeping your cashback hostage until you reach their bare minimum.  Ampli‘s cash out minimum is just $15 and money can be requested as soon as that threshold is reached.  And with so many offers and partners, it doesn’t take long to reach it!

Ampli Has Great Partners

what companies work with ampli?

Ampli is partnered with some great companies and the list is growing!

Some of the stores that are working with Ampli include:

  • 1-800-Got-Junk?
  • Boston Pizza
  • Door Dash
  • H&M
  • Mary Brown’s Chicken
  • Mastermind Toys
  • Rexall
  • The Keg
  • and many, many more!


Double Dip with Ampli

apps that you can use with other appsI’m all about reward programs and I use them whenever possible, and guess what they can be used in conjunction with Ampli rewards!

Since Ampli provides cash back in the background of the transaction, you can still upload your receipts to your favourite receipt rewards program, claim cash back on Rakuten or Swagbucks, collect points at your favourite stores, and earn cash back with your credit card!

Earn Online and In Store

The flexibility that Ampli offers extends beyond its automation and double dipping capabilities, to the fact that cash back can be earned both online and instore!  There is no need to choose and no need to change any settings – simply shop at one of the partner stores in person or online and earn.  Easy Peasy!

How Much You Can Earn with Ampli

With Ampli‘s growing list of partners, earning is pretty easy.  And it’s generous rewards and the ability to double dip make it well worth the installation.  Current offers include dollar amounts and percentages ranging from 1%-10%.

Ampli Contests

win money with apps

If all of the offers, ease of use and double dipping weren’t awesome enough, Ampli also runs contests!  Each month, Ampli users are eligible to enter the Dreamstakes contest.  Entries are earned by completing various tasks and the more you complete, the better your chances of winning!

This month, Ampli is giving away $1000 to one lucky winner!

How to Withdraw from Ampli?

How do you cashout on Ampli?

Ampli is truly an easy app to use and this extends to withdrawing your cash balance.  Once your account reaches at least $15, simply click on “Cash Out” and there you will find your available funds.  From there, request an Interact E-Transfer and you should receive the money within 3 business days!

Is Ampli Legit?

Ampli is powered by RBC, one of Canada’s top 5 banks.  So, while there may be some trepidation about connecting bank accounts, the app uses RBCs security practices and systems, keeping your information private, secure and anonymous.

I have been using Ampli since it first came out in 2019 and have cashed out several times.  Ampli is legitimate and pays!

Check out this quick video of the Ampli app:


How to Sign Up For Ampli?

Are you ready to sign up for Ampli and start earning cash back with very little effort?  Simply click here and use promo code AMPLI5 for a $5 bonus!

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