Apps That Make You Money


I love using my phone to get cash back from my shopping trips.  Recently I figured that there had to be another way to cash in on the phone that sits in my pocket all day long.

So here is a list of apps that you can use to make some extra cash with (all work for Canadians)!

1. Ipoll – If you have a few minutes, Ipoll is a great survey site that you can make money from.  Surveys are available for Canadians and Americans and pay out in Paypal. Sign up here!

2. Google Opinion Rewards:I’m loving this site!  Basically Google sends you surveys (so far they only take a couple of seconds to do) and then you can redeem your credit for apps or ebooks through the Play Store!  I’m super pumped about this for all the free ebooks coming my way!  Sign up here!

3. Tapporo – This app has a number of ways to earn Oro (points) and you can cash out as low as $5.   You can earn by watching videos, downloading and accessing different apps, playing games and various other tasks.  Sign up here and use access code TAPEF547978 to receive a bonus 250 Oro!

4. Changio – This coupon app not only lets you get cash back for uploading your receipts, but it also has many other ways to earn.  You can also earn by scanning products in store, checking in when you shop at certain stores, You can redeem for electronic money transfers or a variety of gift cards.  Sign up here!

5. Cash Back Apps – There are a variety of apps that give you cash back based on the items you purchase.  These apps are a great way for saving more on your groceries! Check out a list of them here!

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