Easy, Yummy Zucchini Dish


Growing up, fresh veggeis were never really a common staple. Instead, we always ate frozen veggies that had been boiled – Green Giant peas were always my favourite. Fast-forward to now and being responsible for my own cooking and I’ve discovered an absolute love for zucchini.

I had a few zucchini the other day that needed to be eaten, and while I was tempted to make some muffins, I decided to take a look online for some inspiration. While scouting around, I found this super easy and super delicious recipe on food.com (is kinda like a super easy chili), then added some garlic bread and fresh asparagus – yum yum!

Only modifications I made were: extra lean ground beef instead of lean and a full onion instead of half.

Zucchini Dish

2 medium zucchini, fresh cut in 1/4-inch chunks
1 lb extra lean ground beef
1 medium onion, chopped
2 garlic cloves, chopped
1 cup salsa, jarred with tomatoes, onions and chiles
1 teaspoon ground cumin

1 Brown ground beef with chopped onions, chopped garlic, salt and pepper.
2 Cook over medium heat for about 10 minutes or until meat is well cooked.
3 Add jarred salsa and cumin. Cover and simmer in low heat for another 10 minutes until flavors blend.
4 Add the zucchini chunks. Cover and cook for about 10 more minutes until zucchini is cooked, but not too soft.

Makes 4 servings at 203 calories per serving

Garlic Bread:
2 pieces of Weight Watchers Bread
2 tbsp margarine
2 tbsp garlic powder

1 Spread 1 tbsp of margarine on a piece of bread
2 Sprinkle 1 tbsp of garlic powder over margarine
3 Repeat on second piece of bread
4 Broil on high for 5 minutes

Makes 1 servings at 289 calories per serving

10 fresh asparagus spears
1 cup of water

1 Snap each spear where it naturally breaks
2 Discard bottom broken pieces
3 Bring water to a boil in a frying pan
4 Place asparagus in water until tender

Makes 1 serving at 20 calories per serving

Total calories for the meal= 512

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