Halloween Fun Ideas

Now I know I just posted a free ebook that you can download from amazon.ca about Halloween Fun Ideas – but it inspired me to go over to my Halloween page on crackterest (oops I mean pinterest) and post some of the ideas I saved to make Nathaniel’s first Halloween one to remember (well for me to remember)!


Pumpkin Carving

What’s Halloween without a pumpkin?  I’m not going to lie, I suck at carving – I’m the house in the neighbourhood with the pumpkin that has a lopsided smile and crooked eyes, but not anymore, thanks to the people over at taste of home!

Hand Punch

Sure the only thing Nate drinks is breast milk (and the occasional bit of bath water that he splashes in his mouth), I will still be thirsty, so why not quench my thirst with this handy concoction!


Chocolate Mummy Cupcakes

So what if Nathaniel is only going to be 16 weeks at Halloween?  Doesn’t mean I can’t make cupcakes – just means that I get to eat his share!

Door Decoration

As I said before, I love all the little kids in their cute costumes coming up to my door – so I certainly don’t want my decorations to scare them away, or give my little guy nightmares!  So thank you to the passion for parties people who came up with this frugal and not so scary door decoration!


Ghost Balloons

This didn’t link directly to a blog or another site, just the image, but still a great idea!  I also think the caption explains it enough, but if you need more explicit directions, well I’d blow up the balloon before drawing the face!

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