January 2015 Goals


As I’m still nursing myself back to health from a horrible cold lasting more than 2 weeks, I haven’t had as much time for introspection as I would like. This has made it a little harder for me to focus on my goal setting and required a few extra days of deliberation.

In previous years, I always focused on my goals for the year and then reflected on my progress for each throughout the months. This year, I’m going to change it up and instead focus on monthly goals. With my monthly reflections in 2014, I really came notice how priorities change and life takes on new challenges. Some things that seemed important or relevant at the beginning of the year, really became dead weight, and as new priorities came up, there wasn’t really room to include them. So this year, I begin a new experiment of living more in the now.

So here we go! My goals for January 2015:

1. Maintain or lose weight – in 2014, my goal was to lose 2 pounds a week and I was pretty unsuccessful at that. For January, into my second trimester of my second pregnancy, I see that this is no longer a healthy goal. Instead, I aim to not gain any weight this month – and if I lose instead, then bonus!

2. Make $1000 on top of regular income – this was my goal for 2014 as well, and since I did not achieve it, I will continue with that aim until I do.

3. Pay off remaining debt – due to some unexpected and unplanned for expenses in 2014, we have a little bit of debt. This month, all extra money will be focused on paying it off.

4. Post 5 days a week – Between my two blogs, I should be able to post at least 5 out of the 7 days a week.

5. Create and stick to a budget – I’ve tracked my money the last few years, but haven’t actually sat down and allocated how much we could spend in each aspect of our lives. This is a little tricky because my husband is the only one with a stable income, yet we need to focus on being more frugal and breaking down just how much we can actually spend.

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