Free Weight Loss Program and Samples

Skinne is a sugar free, gluten free, 2 oz drink designed by a naturopathic doctor that increases metabolism, burns and blocks fat, boosts energy, improves mood and clarity and curbs your appetite for fatty/salty/sugary foods. You just drink and shrink!

Skinne has teamed up with former ‘Biggest Loser’ trainer Kim Lyons and she helped us put this program together. You get a 24 week program of just one small change per week. Each week you get a video from Kim explaining what the one small change is, then your smart phone app reminds you to do that new thing each day. 

Go to and in the top right use the ‘referral code’ MONEYSAVVYME and SET UP YOUR FREE ACCOUNT.

Fill out the profile and enrol FREE. This gives you access to the ENTIRE 24-WEEK PROGRAM and SAMPLES.

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