85% Savings at Walmart!

I’m not a huge Walmart fan, but today I braved the crowds and chaos to take advantage of some awesome deals!2x Primo Pasta Sauce pm Giant Tiger @$0.88 = $1.76
1x Smart pop $2.97
1x KD $1.97
2x Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel @$4.88 each – B2 for $6 in-store promo – B1G1 Free coupon (which cashier rang up at $4.88) – $4 wub2 SnapSaves = +$2.88
2x Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaners @$4.88 each – B2 for $6 in-store promo – $3 in coupons – $2.50 Snapsaves – $3 Checkout 51 = +$2.50
1x Pledge Floor Cleaner @$7.99 – $5 insert coupon – $7 Snapsaves = +$4.01
1x Distilled Water (not pictured) $4.97

Total with taxes = $34.35
– $12.88 in coupons
– $13.50 Snapsaves
– $3 Checkout 51

= $4.97 in total – an 85% savings!

2 thoughts on “85% Savings at Walmart!

  1. Hi. If you have a Freshco near you they have the big bottle of distilled water and spring water for less than 1.99
    I think kraft dinner is on for for less than $1 at a few stores about every couple of months

    1. Thanks so much for pointing that out 🙂 I know it was a bit much to pay for those, but for some reason distilled water sells out as soon as it hits the shelves in my area, so if I find it, I grab it regardless of price (at least until I can stock up at a reasonable price). The KD was succumbing to a pregnancy craving. ..definitely not the best price. Thanks again for sharing your insights with everyone 🙂

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