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Hubby had a pretty terrible day at work today, so I thought I’d make him something special (that was still easy since I’m still sick) to help cheer him up.

Main Course: Skinny Buffalo Chicken Strips and Fries (not the healthiest side, but gotta indulge once and a while)!

The fries were just Mccain Xtra Spicey fries, just throw them in the oven and go type deal and the Buffalo Strips were another awesome recipe from the folks over at!

I used 1lb7.8oz of chicken, so I used a full tsp of each of the spices and 1/2 a cup of hot sauce instead of 1/4. I really think the 1/4 cup would have sufficed, but live and learn!

Instead of frying the chicken, I barbequed it and thus did not use any of the oil.

Next time, I don’t think I’d use the spices as they didn’t really seem necessary since all you can taste is the hot sauce (FYI: this is a super hot dish so be forewarned)!

Dessert: Strawberries and Cream Sandwiches

These were super yummy and easy to make! The strawberries I used had been frozen, so I also mixed the juice from when they de-thawed into the cool whip!

Next time I’m going to try this strawberries and cream recipe. Not that the one from wasn’t good, but just to try it another way!

Bon Appetite!

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