This Week’s Menu


After reading mrsjanuary’s guide on menu planning, I realized how much more convenient and economical it will be to start actually planning my meals.

As I’ve mentioned before, breakfast and lunch aren’t big deals for me. I typically just eat cereal for breakfast and either a sandwich or Healthy Choice Steamer with homemade soup for lunch. The issue comes with my favourite meal (dinner) and making decisions.

Hopefully, this will help me eat significantly healthier and will help me save time and the dreaded “what do you want for dinner?” debate with hubby each night.

This week I’m going to plan on using things I already have in the house, to minimize expenses.

So here’s the dinner plan:
Monday aka today: Grilled salmon with asparagus and rice
Tuesday: Burrito Bowl
Wednesday: Spinach and Chicken Pasta Bake (new recipe for me – stay posted for reviews!)
Thursday: Sesame Chicken
Friday: American Goulash  (new recipe for me – stay posted for reviews!)

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