Toddler Play Ideas Part 2

Last week I shared some fun activities my little man and I recently tried, that are frugal, fun and easy to organize.  Here are a few more of our favourites!

Guitar Pan


While you can certainly buy elastic bands at the dollar store,I always save the ones that come on newspapers and celery in a ziploc bag for occasions such as these!

I’m sure I’ve seen something like this on Pinterest, but this idea was inspired by a recent episode of Sesame Street, where Chris, Allan and Tully make a guitar out of a kleenx box! 

Making the guitar is quite self-explanatory, but all I did was take a bread pan and pull some elastic bands over it.  The resulting guitar makes a great sound and is a fun little instrument when Monkey wants to make some noise!

Pipe Cleaner Pull

Costume SuperCentre Canada


This was an  idea taken from Pinterest, and it was another goodie!  As the picture shows, all you do is pull some pipe cleaners through the holes in a colander.  Your little one then pulls them out the rest of the way and if you’re lucky (which I am about 25% of the time, the other 75% of the time finds the pipe cleaners soaring through the air) your little one will put the pipe cleaners back.

Even though this ends up being a mess, it’s easy to clean and keeps Monkey busy for quite some time!

LEGO® Juniors: Introduce your child to the world of building.

Clean Up Time


My little man LOVES to clean (he certainly doesn’t take after his mother in that regard!)  The vacuum is always a great source of entertainment for him, as is cleaning up spills with paper towels.  So while at the dollar store picking up stuff for the pompom drop, I saw this little broom set and decided to give it a try!

Even though it was only $2, it was still well worth the money!  Monkey runs around the house sweeping up and giggling!  It’s also great because he can clean without me having to listen to the roar of the vacuum!

WagJag (AT)

Bottle and Lid


Ultimately little Monkey’s favourite activity of all the new ones we tried, was playing with a Britta Jug and a lid to a Magic Bullet attachment!

Gotta love kids and their endless imagination!

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