Why I Shop Online

Here are my 5 reasons for shopping online:

1. Less impulse buys – I’m terrible for this and commisioned sales people undoubtadly love me for it! I am easily swayed into upgrading my purchase or picking up a pack of gum at the register or mindlessly adding things to my cart as I wander aisles. With online shopping, I look up what I’m looking for and then click – there’s less of a temptation for last minute add-ons.

2. Quiet – I’m not a fan of crowds, or interacting with people and small talk. Online shopping gives me the permssion to anti-social and not engage with small talk while I wait for card to process.

3. Privacy – Sometimes I buy things or sizes that I don’t want to make public. It’s certainly comfortable buying such items at home without peering eyes.

4. Laziness – I’m lazy. There’s really no ifs, ands, or buts about it. There’s something lovely about shopping while lying in bed in my pjs!

5. Save money – This is by far the biggest reason I shop online, since I’m all about having more money in my pockets! There are two ways I save by shopping online:

a. Flash sales – watch for these. I suppose it’s a bit of a contradiction to #1, since impulse buys can happen, but very often you can get great stuff at even better prices!

b. Cashback sites – Shopping through these sites give you cash back for purchases. The top three sites I use are: swagbucks, ebates and greatcanadianrebates. I rotate through the three sites and choose the one that offers the best cashback for the particular store on that particular day (each site often offers bonus cashback events – but usually swagbucks has the best return).

So there you have it! The top 5 reasons why I prefer to shop online!

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