2014 Goal Update – February Reflection

Lose 2lbs a week by December 31 2014NOT ON TRACK – I only lost 3.8 pounds this month and while it’s still a loss (yay!) – it’s WAY below target. My start to March hasn’t been the greatest, so I really have to get re-focused and re-committed!

Put $12000 into savings by December 31 2014NOT ON TRACK – This month I put 904.42 into savings, so I’m close to the $1000 for the month!

Earn an extra $12000 by December 31 2014NOT ON TRACK – Outside of regular income, we brought in an extra $906.21 (although a fair bit of this came in the form of gifts), so not o0n track, but so close to the $1000 I needed this month!

Start a daycare in September 2014ON TRACK – Lots of Pinterest to help me out on this one! The crazy Target clearance deals this past month also helped, as I picked up tons of cheap craft supplies, toys and games!

Read a book a month by December 2014NOT ON TRACK – I’m about half way into The Twelve Tribes of Hattie and am in love with it! It’s heartbreaking and tears at your soul, but so good! Just wish I had more time to read!

Finish the basement by August 2014ON TRACK – I’m still taking my classes, but am not really all that confident in my abilities, so we went ahead and hired a few people to help us out. They are downstairs plugging away as we speak!

Plant a fruit/vegetable garden in spring 2014ON TRACK– Like last month, I’ve been busy pinning gardening ideas and have started drawing out some ideas. 

Well, February wasn’t the greatest for meeting my goals, however, it was a great month for plugging away at them. I’m pretty disappointed in my lack of weight loss, but pretty happy with the money situation. Much more would have been put into savings, however, lots was spent on daycare and construction supplies.

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