Menu Planning Ebook


One of the best ways to help you achieve a healthy body and healthy wallet, is through the use of menu planning.  Taking a few minutes and sitting down to think about what you will eat each day of a given week, and then matching your plan to current sales and coupons, will really help you stretch your dollar and shrink your waistline.

This of course takes practice and some time, but the Canadian frugal living guru, mrsjanuary, has come up with an ebook about menu planning and doing it right!

Right now, you can pick up her ebook for just $0.99 (introductory price) here or on amazon

As an added bonus, When you order it direct, you will also get free printable downloads of her menu planning forms by filling out the form on her site here.  If you ordered the book from amazon, you will still need to go to the form, but instead of filling in your paypal transaction id, simply type in AMAZON!

I can’t wait to pick up a copy to help me better organize my eating and spending!

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