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Chalk Couture Canadian Launch

Chalk Couture has launched in Canada!  Learn all about how you can get in at the ground level of this upscale DIY direct sales company!

Join Chalk Couture Canada

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I’ve have been waiting on bated breath for the launch of Chalk Couture in Canada!

If you’ve been following my side hustling/money saving journey the past several years, you know that I am a fan of direct sales companies.  I love the friendships that they create, passion they promote and money that they make!

There are so many factors to consider when joining a direct sales company to ensure that it’s really the right fit for you.

I have joined many companies as a kit napper – where I join simply to get the discounted products in a kit and then to buy a few more things with my discount.  Other companies that I have joined with the intention of buying with a discount, but not actually selling.  And of course companies that I have joined with the intention of selling and making money.

Chalk Couture is a company I have joined with the intention of making money while having fun.

My Creative Story

I like artsy stuff.  Granted, I have about as much artistic abilities as elephants that paint in captivity to stimulate their brains.  Nevertheless, it’s always pretty cool when you make something and can see the fruits of your labour.

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A couple of years ago, I bought myself a Cricut.  I’m not going to lie, not only did I think it would be a nice creative outlet, but I also went in motivated to make things to sell.  Little did I know, just how much work (and expense) went into making custom items.

Nevertheless, I still pull out my Cricut once and a while and make fun gifts for friends and family.  Or use the software to design logos or other designs.

Why I Love Chalk Couture

With my Cricut experience in my back pocket, I became super excited with the news of Chalk Couture coming to Canada.

Simply because, it is an easier way to make custom items.  One that does not require the use of vinyl (and the painful attention to detail required to weed) and is one that provides longer lasting and more durable designs.

Oh, and it’s significantly easier than peeling off vinyl, layering colours and getting the heat just right!

With Chalk Couture, you simply paint over the transfers provided (no need to cut them yourself) and viola!  Your piece is complete!

Mugs, glasses and items of that nature can be heated in the stove, making the designs permanent and dishwasher friendly!

While Chalk Couture has thousands of gorgeous and on trend designs, people can still use their Cricuts or Silhouettes to make their own stencils, but then use the paints to create long lasting, truly personal items.

Making Money with Chalk Couture

There are many ways to earn money as a Chalk Couture consultant:

Sell Product

There are tons of products that can be sold directly by consultants on their personal branded websites.  Shoppers can purchase the paints, inks, and transfers to create their own pieces.  The Chalk Couture catalogue also includes surfaces to be painted.  These surfaces include items such as pillow cases, boards of various shapes and sizes, bags, frames and banners.  Of course, creatives aren’t limited to the Chalk Couture branded surfaces, and can buy items to decorate elsewhere.

There are many places to sell the products!  At creation parties (see next point), vendor events, on social media and even just word of mouth!

Consultants earn 25% of sales made from their personal branded website ( typically paid by the 15th of the following month) , and 40% from pre-purchased inventory (discount is immediate and money is when items are sold directly to customers).

On top of the great commission structure, consultants who have a personal volume (based on the items sold) of 2000-3999 get a 10%  bonus!  Consultants who have a personal volume of 4000 or more get a 20% bonus!

This bonus is available each and every single month AND is paid out in USD!

Learn more about the Chalk Couture commission structure here.

Sell Your Creations

The Chalk Couture product line makes design super easy!  Using a combination of Chalk Couture paints, transfers and surfaces, consultants can create their own products to sell.  Of course, you are not limited to the Chalk Couture brand in your creations, but can make your own stencils with a Cricut and even use other surfaces from a variety of locations.

Once your finished piece is ready for sale, you can price it at a cost that works for you!  A basic guideline for pricing a crafted item is 2x the cost of materials.

Host Parties

Sign making parties are all the rage in my neck of the woods at the moment.  At these parties, the consultant brings the materials to make a sign, and groups of friends follow the instructions (usually while enjoying some food and beverages) to make a sign of their own.

These types of parties can also be done with Chalk Couture!  As a consultant, you can organize a make it night (doesn’t just have to be a sign) and guide people to make their own piece of art.  The consultant would pre-order the supplies (which the creators would pre-pay for) and then bring everything to the event.

Parties don’t just have to be adults either!  Think birthday parties, classroom activities or a summer class at the local rec. center!  Chalk Couture is so easy to use that even kids can do it!  Parents will love that the kids are occupied and creating, and the kids will have so much fun that they’ll want their own supplies to make more things at home!

This is a great way to not only sell the product, but also demonstrate just how easy Chalk Couture is to work with.  As creators see how fun and easy Chalk Couture is, they are more likely to buy their own product to use by themselves or even become consultants themselves!

Lead a Team

Leading a team may seem a bit intimidating!  But, with a strong grasp of the details and some elbow grease, leading a successful team is a great way to earn even more money!

With so many ways to earn and the company just getting started here in Canada, building a team is within reach of all consultants!

There are two phases to the Chalk Couture leadership program.  The first focuses on sharing the opportunity and building a team; and the second focuses on inspiring and leading your team.

Leadership commissions start at 3% and go up from there!

As a leader is promoted through the ranks, they also earn title promotion bonuses starting at $1000 USD!

Learn more about the Chalk Couture career path here.

How to Sign Up with Chalk Couture Canada

With 25% commissions on website sales; 40% commissions on pre-purchased inventory, monthly bonuses starting at 1000 PV and an awesome leadership rewards program, Chalk Couture is great direct sales company to represent!

Signing up is also super easy!

To sign up and begin your career with Chalk Couture, simply click here and you will be taken to the registration form.

At that point, you can choose a started kit for $129 (a $330 value) which includes:

Designer Start-Up Guide 2019
Spring/Summer Catalog 2019
Thank You Cards (12-Pack)
Chalk Couture Apron
8 Chalk Transfers™ (various sizes)
• Welcome Trio (A)
• Piece of Cake (A)
• Business Builder—Ask Me How (B)
• Business Builder—Vision Board (B)
• Beach Day (B)
• Together We Have It All (B)
• Procraftinating (B)
5 Chalkology™ Pastes (3 US fl oz, 88.7 ml jars)
• Bright White
• Couture Teal
• Peony
• Guava
• Parakeet
Small Squeegee
Couture Gallery™ Aiden White Style Frame (9” × 12”, 22.86 x 30.48 cm)
Couture Boutique™ Board (10”, 25.4 cm, Round)


You can choose a $19 non kit registration, which includes:
Designer Start-Up Guide 2019
Spring/Summer Catalog 2019
Thank You Cards (12-Pack)
Chalk Couture Apron
Business Builder Chalk Transfer – Vision Board (B)
Business Builder Chalk Transfer – Ask Me How (B)
After selecting the registration that works best for you, the system will take you to the check out which includes several documents to read.  Be sure to read them over, as they contain important information about being a representative.
Regardless of the subscription package that you choose, your first month of membership is included for free.  After that, there is a $19.99 CAD monthly subscription fee,   The Designer Subscription includes your custom e-commerce website, access to your Designer Office site, Designer Services support via phone and email, as well as the monthly Club Couture Transfer (with free shipping)!

Ready to Join?

Click here to join Chalk Couture and start making money with upscale DIY!






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  1. This looks so cool! I’m loving this new DIY since it seems easy enough for kids to try! I signed up and can’t wait to start crafting with my kids!

    1. Awesome! Chalk Couture does seem easy enough for kids to do. I’m planning to pull out some of my supplies to do with the kids next raining day!
      Have fun!

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