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Extra Cash 2018

I’m all about finding ways to save money and earn a little more on the side!  Here’s how I made almost $14,000 in 2018.  Thank you for joining me on my journey!

What a year 2018 was!  Can you believe we had an Olympics last year?  Seriously!  It felt so long that I had totally forgotten about the event until a Facebook meme said pretty much the same thing lol!

Nevertheless, the year was also filled with so much joy for our little family as we welcomed our youngest son into the mix.  Undoubtedly, the lack of sleep contributed to less work getting done and thus less money being made, but it was literally worth every cent!

At the end of 2017, I set a goal of an extra $12,000 in 2018.  I am pleased to say that after all our hustling, couponing and money making (and saving) ventures, we crushed that goal with an extra $13,989.26!!!!    At almost $14,000 – 2018 has been our best year yet!

Here’s the breakdown:

$4063.76 – Newspaper Delivery
$1993.35 – Thirty-One Gifts
$1829.29 – Coupon Redemptions
$1190 – PC Optimum Points
$970 – Freelance Writing
$833.10 – Infinite Visa Cashback
$616 – Swagbucks
$400.82 – Usborne Books
$383 – Facebook Sales
$238.57 – Google Adsense (thank you for clicking!)
$213.61 – Mail In Rebates
$220.23 – Norwex
$166.62 – Craft Sales
$130.63 – Treasure Trooper (USD)
$90 – Drop (use invite code 9efqb for a bonus 1000 points!)
$95 – Settlements/discounts/credits for complaints
$52 – Caddle
$49.80 – Chef’s Plate
$45.70 – Checkout 51
$43.45 – Google Opinion Rewards
$43 – Lottery
$40 – Airmiles
$40 – Legerweb
$31.75 – Ebates.ca
$30 – Walmart Grocery Delivery
$25 – Royal Draw
$24.25 – Canadian Tire Money
$20 – SBKC
$12.92 – Huggies Rewards
$12.05 – Ebook Sales
$52.60 – Scanning Code of Practice/Price Adjustments
$7.43 – Ebates.com
$6 – Found Money
$5 – Gift Hulk (USD)
$5 – Ipsos
$5 – Chapters Plum Points
$3.92 – Coin Out (USD)

The bulk of the extra money definitely came from side hustles and couponing, but after some reflection I’m realizing the amount of time I put into those hustles wasn’t really worth the payout.  This year I’m going to be focused more on survey and reward sites, couponing and building my blogs.

My goal for 2019 is $18,000!  That’s an extra $1500 a month!  This is a big goal for me, but I’m focused in on it!  Join me as I share my earning reports each month and various strategies and deals that I use to get there!

What were your big earners in 2018?


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