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Extra Cash – January 2019

Looking for ways to make extra money in Canada?  The earnings here are from using reward programs, cashback apps, coupons, completing surveys, and various side hustles.

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Thank you for following my experiment in ways to make extra money each month, taking advantage of easy to use programs and hustles.

If you’ve been following along, you’ll remember that my goal for 2020 is to make an extra $21,000 in extra money and savings!

As a homeschooling, stay-at-home mom, these extra earnings and savings help us afford this particular lifestyle and to survive on one income.

January wasn’t the greatest month for earnings.  I started the month battling an upper respiratory infection, which my children also had to combat.  I had a couple of days of feeling somewhat back to normal when I was hit with appendicitis and ended up with an emergency appendectomy!

These health issues combined with January’s typical earning lull (advertisers tend to greatly reduce their budgets in January to recover from the holiday spending) really effected how much extra money we ended up with.

Nevertheless, something is better than nothing and we still managed an extra $602.11 in January!

Here’s where it came from:

$329.11 – Newspaper Delivery
$60 – PC Optimum
$50 – Treasure Trooper (USD)
$40 – Swagbucks
$40 – Facebook Sales
$23 – Flashfood
$20 – Plum Points
$10 – Walmart Promo Code
$10 – Ipsos
$10 – Airmiles
$10 – Prize Rebel

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Where did your extra money come from last month?

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