Cash back for receipts checkout 51 canada

How To Use Checkout 51

Cash back for receipts checkout 51 canada

Whenever someone asks me about couponing and saving money, the first thing I talk about is Checkout 51.

This is because it’s so easy to use, and those who are intimidated by handing over coupons at the cash register don’t have to fret – everything is done after you buy and leave the store (unless you’re super keen)!

One thing I’ve noticed in follow up conversations is that very few people actually sign up after talking about it.  The main reason?  They find it confusing and don’t really ‘get’ how to use it.

I get that.  I mean, I usually just say “take a look at the products on the list, buy what you need and then upload your receipt.  Shortly after they’ll credit your account and once it reaches $20, you can cash out.”  Makes total sense to anyone who uses the app, but for those who don’t or are a little technologically hesitant, it can be a little overwhelming.

With this in mind, I created the following video where I go through the redemption process, showing just how easy it is to redeem and earn!

If you haven’t joined Checkout 51 yet, what are you waiting for?   Join today and start saving right away!  Click here to sign up!

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