Extra Cash – November 2017

November’s always a nice cashback month for me since that’s when my I get my annual cashback deposit from my Scotiabank Momentum Visa!  I usually also do a big Shoppers Redemption in November, but since my stock pile is pretty well stocked, I decided to hold off and save the points to use towards groceries when Optimum and PC Plus merge in February.

So with my Momentum cashback, I was able to bring in an extra $1453.80 in November!

Here’s how:
$571.34 – Visa Momentum Cashback
$386.78 – Newspapers
$306.25 – ThirtyOne Gifts
$55.63 – Coupons
$50 – PC Points
$30 – Swagbucks
$26.05 – Caddle
$10 – Airmiles
$5.77 – Ebates
$5 – GiftHulk (USD)
$5 – Ipsos
$1.98 – Google Play 

This extra $1453.80 brings my total for the year up to $10,083.77 – reaching my $10, 000 goal a month early!  Wooooo!  This is the first year since I started tracking that I’ve made my goal, so I am super pumped!  This of course means that I’ll be bumping it up next year and looking for even more opportunities to earn 😀

Where did your extra cash come from this month?

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