Extra Cash – September 2018

September extra cash total was $1140.95

September was pretty much a write-off around here.  I was knocked out all month with a terrible bug that just kept moving to different parts of my body.  Thus, I spent a lot of time in bed and getting as much sleep as I possibly could.  Fortunately, I had a Google Adsense payment (from you wonderful people clicking those ads you see on here), which helped boost me up.


Here’s how I ended up with an extra $1140.95

$329.10 – Newspapers
$284 – Thirty-One Gifts
$150 – PC Points
$116.34 – Blogging (thank you!)
$101.26 – Usborne Books
$51.48 – Coupons
$50 – Swagbucks
$27.10 – Mail In Rebates
$23 – Lottery wins
$4.55 – Johnson&Johnson Settlement
$4.12 – Google Play

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